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September 2017 Allianz Worldwide Care: iPMI


Allianz Worldwide Care has launched an innovative Symptom Checker feature on its MyHealth app, claiming to lead the way in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) space when it comes to international health insurance.

Symptom Checker asks questions about members’ medical conditions anonymously and then provides a preliminary evaluation of their symptoms to assess whether any medical treatment is needed.

Allianz Worldwide Care (AWC) says more than half of claimants now use its MyHealth app to submit medical claims and that downloads of the app have hit 228,000, while the number of claims submitted using this technology has risen to 750,000. Claim submissions using the app now far exceed those of traditional methods such as post and email. The app itself supports five different languages - English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

AWC adds that though developed in conjunction with medical professionals, the Symptom Checker is not a replacement for the real thing. It is, however, a valuable tool to be used to secure an initial assessment for members.
The Allianz MyHealth app is available to download free from iTunes and Play Store. 

Comment: Knowing whether some symptom or issue needs medical intervention and, if so, of what type and how quickly, can be a problem anywhere. If you are working or living abroad, making the correct decision can be even more important, so this app feature looks to be really useful.   

It’s free, looks to be straightforward to use and supports five languages (so it can be used by a work colleague or neighbour who doesn’t speak English even if you are stuck alone somewhere, for example).

It’s good to see tech being used positively across a growing number of life and health insurance applications, with more to come too. That had long been predicted but now, this feature is one that’s already here, and proving itself in the iPMI space.

Plus points: Does what it says; Simple app that can be accessed anywhere (provided you have internet access); Free; Offers five languages; Developed in conjunction with medical professionals.

Not so plus points: Not a replacement for face to face medical care; Risk of over or under diagnosis.


Rating (max 10): Innovation:  8.5. Overall: 8. Gold

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