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January 2020 April International: iPMI


April International has added a new option to its MyHEALTH international private medical insurance (iPMI) plan for Singapore.

The new offering forms part of April’s established MyHEALTH Business Range and is aimed at the group and SME iPMI markets. The new Core option offers companies international cover for hospital and outpatient employee benefits, and April says means that businesses can now afford to extend international health coverage for junior staff members too.

Employees are covered worldwide for accidents while, for planned hospital treatments, they can access a wide variety of private hospitals in Hong Kong or Singapore operating within April International Care’s specified network.

There is a free choice of any other medical facility in the rest of the Asean (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region, as well as in India. Outpatient benefits for employees include cashless coverage for treatment in over 1,200 medical facilities participating in April International Care’s panel network. Plans also offer new levels of flexibility to vary cover by seniority of staff.

Comment: April International says its new Core plan offers SMEs and group schemes a low cost alternative to traditional comprehensive private health insurance.

That’s true – although cutting benefits to a core level also means an employee may have less cover than they need.

Overall though, the additional low-cost option could be popular, although this is a niche market for most advisers.

Plus points: A new option at lower cost; Core benefits only; Makes iPMI more affordable so more employees can be covered.

Not so plus points: Less cover may mean some employees may have too little cover to meet their health funding needs; Singapore only plan; Niche market for many advisers.


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