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March 2020 April International: iPMI


APRIL International Care has announced a number of changes to its onshore MyHEALTH Hong Kong private international health insurance policy range.

The changes apply to all its APRIL International Care products, including individual, family and small to medium enterprise cover.

The out of area cover limit has been doubled to $100,000 and a raft of new areas of medical treatment have been added across selected plans. They include cutting edge technologies such as stem cell treatment on Extensive and Elite Hospital and Surgery plans, whilst hormone replacement, psychologist costs and check-ups and vaccinations are now covered across more plan levels.

Hong Kong residents can additionally choose to have inpatient treatment delivered exclusively through a specified providers network, triggering a premium reduction compared to full network cover.

APRIL International Care says it is unique in offering choice in how care is delivered,  so empowering clients to contain costs and ultimately keep premiums down .

A new TeleHEALTH service is also  available for Hong Kong based clients. Through a partnership with Teladoc Health, customers can request a phone consultation with a qualified medical practitioner using the APRIL Easy Claim app, whether it is for a simple consultation or to request a second medical opinion.

Comment: A useful range of improvements for Hong Kong residents. 

The specified providers network is similar to the open referral and network systems familiar to the UK, and offers the prospect of lower costs albeit in exchange for the loss of some flexibility.

Plus points: A range of improvements for the HK market; The specified providers option offers lower premiums.

Not so plus points: Some loss of flexibility if choosing the specified providers option; iPMI premiums have tended to rise much faster than inflation in many areas.


Rating (max 10): Overall: 8. Gold

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