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August 2019 Aviva: PMI


Mental Health Pathways Plus is an option enabling large corporate companies to support addictions such as online gambling, gaming and social media.

The benefit can be added to Aviva's corporate mental health cover, launched last year. It is also available through the PMI plan Optimum, for organisations with 250 or more employees.

As well as helping with technology-driven addiction to round-the-clock activities online, the service also includes support for those with drugs or alcohol issues.

Children aged 13 and over are covered by their parent's cover and can also access mental health support services too.

Comment: Mental health issues were a feature of this year’s Protection Review conference, in July 2019 and for any employer they can be a major concern. Aviva says its Mental Health Pathways Plus broadens its mental health cover to ensure businesses can opt to extend their support for employees affected by the emerging addictions associated with online and smartphone use.

Plus points: Mental health issues and addictions are not now just alcohol and drug based; Increased support for modern addictions; On top of existing cover and help.

Not so plus points: Aimed at employers rather than individuals with PMI.

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