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March 2020 AXA PPP healthcare: PMI


Business Health from AXA PPP healthcare enables SME firms to build their healthcare cover from scratch, mixing and matching the benefits they want, to meet their business’ needs. This also gives them good control over cost. The plan includes the following benefits that can be chosen:

•             Diagnostics Only. This covers scans, diagnostic tests and surgery, plus up to two consultations a year.

•             Treatment. Pays for hospital/surgical costs and cancer care.

•             Out-patient. Offers two, four or ‘no yearly limit’ for consultations with a specialist.

•             Therapies. Covers physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic.

•             Mental Health. Gives access to AXA PPP healthcare’s ‘Stronger Minds’ assessment and referral service without the need to see a GP first.

In addition, Travel, Dentist and Optician Cashback and Employee Assistance Programme options are also available.

The plan enables different benefits to be chosen for different employees, making it practicable for clients to cover more of their workforce.

As standard, whatever cover selections are made, the plan also includes:

•             Unlimited access to the [email protected] private GP service for telephone, online or video consultations).

•             AXA PPP’s Working Body service for telephone access to a physiotherapist for advice on muscle, bone or joint pain.

•             The Proactive Health Gateway, giving tailored online support for individual health goals.

•             24/7 access to the Health at Hand team. This enables callers to talk about a specific health worry, medication or treatment, or simply need a little guidance and reassurance.

Business Health is available to new and switch business and is covers up to 250 employees. A choice of excesses range from £50 to £750 and paying annually gets a 5% discount. Four underwriting options are available and premiums can be fixed for two years. Lower premiums apply for having a six week option or choosing the guided option (open referral).

Comment: The SME sector often appears to lose out compared to the large corporate area, but in this plan, AXA PPP is offering a wide range of options tailored to meet most SMEs’ needs.

That includes a Mental Health module – not only valuable, but illustrating how insurers are now focusing more on mental and not just physical health issues. Having an inbuilt range of help insurance options should also help in that area too

Plus points: A menu PMI plan for SMEs; Good range of options, including some to minimise cost; Good range of help insurance benefits; Useful Mental Health cover option; Different benefits can be chosen for different groups of employees.

Not so plus points: Cover can be expensive for the most comprehensive cover; Many employers remain concerned about the sustainability of offering PMI .


Rating (max 10): Overall: 8. Gold

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