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August 2020 Bupa: Other


Bupa’s From Home service is a remote range of health services, designed to help people access healthcare services from their home. The service includes:

Fast support for cancer, mental health and MSK. Bupa’s Direct Access team can assess a customer’s symptoms to provide fast reassurance or refer on to a specialist, often without needing to see a GP first.

See a GP from home. Access to expert advice, diagnosis and prescriptions 24/7 through a video GP service, in partnership with Babylon.
Talk to a nurse 24/7. Customers call the Anytime HealthLine for general health and wellbeing advice.
Remote consultant appointments. Phone and video consultations with a Bupa-recognised consultant.
Support for mental health and wellbeing. Customers with mental health cover in their policies now have the option of consultations with Bupa-recognised therapists over the phone or video, plus online cognitive behavioural therapy. Parents and carers of children can also access the Family Mental HealthLine, where trained advisers and mental health nurses can offer support.
Support for heart problems. Customers suffering from cardiac symptoms, such as chest pains or palpitations, can have a consultation with a cardiologist within 36 hours of speaking to the specialist triage team. If further tests are needed, the latest at home diagnostics are available.
Chemotherapy at home for cancer patients. Customers can have their treatment through a recently expanded at home chemotherapy service
Talk to a physiotherapist. Bupa-recognised physiotherapists can be accessed by phone or video consultation to assess their condition and design personalised exercise programmes.
Advice on preparing for treatment. Personalised advice to help customers stay on top of their health. This can include pain management, prehabilitation, plus health coaching and lifestyle advice.
Emergency dental remote support. Bupa Dental Insurance and Cash Plan customers who are midway through treatment or have an emergency can have a consultation with a Bupa dentist either by telephone or by arranging a video conference.

Comment: In the Covid-19 world, how we go about everyday things is changing in so many areas and health and wellbeing is one of those. Indeed, wellbeing generally is rightly taking on a much more important role these days.

Bupa’s at home service not only offers a range of important benefits, but the new changes have been introduced at a time when mental health referrals have declined by 30-40% during the pandemic and the number of people assessed by a cancer doctor after referral fell to 79,500 in April - a drop of 60% compared to the same month last year.

Plus points: Added new benefits to Bupa’s From Home service; Comprehensive range of useful benefits, allowing customers to access quality healthcare without having to go to a potentially high risk environment; Especially valuable to those who cannot or are reluctant to leave home at any time .

Not so plus points: Many people have seen such services as rather abstract - until they actually need to access them; The public is not warmed up yet to the full value of wellbeing services.


Rating (max 10): Overall: 8.5. Gold

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