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September 2017 Expatriate Healthcare: iPMI


Expatriate Healthcare has launched a new range of short term international healthcare insurance policies. It says such short term healthcare policies can suit many expats, travellers and volunteers. Those on overseas secondments, students studying abroad, and travellers who do not want to return home for treatment, can therefore all benefit from purchasing their iPMI cover in smaller chunks.

The plans provide individuals travelling abroad for periods of 3 to 11 months with comprehensive iPMI protection but, just for a shorter amount of time to better suit your needs. Three versions are available:

Primary. This provides cover up to €1m, with the lowest limits in some areas of the three plans. Outpatient and GP benefits are limited to pre-hospitalisation (and 60 days post hospitalisation).
Primary+. This provides up to €1.5m of cover and offers higher hospital cash, organ transplant, some outpatient and GP, and some assistance, special and other benefits.
Select. This provides the highest benefits (up to €5m a year) and generally higher levels of some covers, plus includes routine and restorative dental treatment (rather than just emergency accident cover), optical care (up to €150), and preventative care (travel vaccinations, cervical smears, mammograms and prostate cancer screening).

In summary, the key benefits of the Short Term Healthcare include:

Instant healthcare cover.

A choice of three plan benefit levels.
24 Hour support.
No hospital restrictions.
Comprehensive protection.
3 – 11 month cover term.
One-off premium payment.
Defined start and end dates.
No out-of-pocket hospital expenses.

Comment: The number of people living or working abroad for longer than a holiday/single business trip but less than a year, is probably bigger than might be expected. So, offering short term iPMI looks to make sense, not least because neither of the alternatives of annually renewable iPMI or travel insurance is an ideal solution.   

Expatriate Healthcare’s policy offers three plan versions and is funded by a single premium. It looks to be simple to arrange and the possible markets include businesses with employees working abroad short term, travellers and indeed parents of younger travellers who’d rather fund such a plan than simply hoping for the best!

Plus points: Simple short term iPMI for those who need cover for less than 12 months; Three plan options; Simple and good cover levels; Single premium funded.

Not so plus points: Limited market; Some people will still believe travel insurance only is sufficient; Some benefit limitations; Single premium funded can be a cashflow disadvantage.


Rating (max 10): Innovation:  8. Overall: 8.5. Gold

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