Medicash Skin Detection App (Adviser score 9.0)

July 2020 Medicash: HCP


Medicash has launched a skin cancer detection app in partnership with SkinVision. Available free to customers on its company paid health cash plan, the SkinVision app claims to detect 95% of all skin cancers. The app provides an instant risk assessment, plus advice on what to do next, including seeing a doctor if needed.

The app also allows users to store photos to keep track of changes over time, so helping them and their GP to monitor any changes over time. Users have access to an unlimited number of tests, which could be worth over £45 a year.

The SkinVision app is certified by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and globally has nearly 1.3 million users. To date, some 3.5 million moles and skin spots have been analysed and over 40,000 skin cancers found, proving the value of the app.  To access the free new service, customers should follow the link in their My Medicash app.

Comment: Medicash CEO Sue Ware says the timing of the launch is particularly important as cancer referrals have dropped by up to 80% in some areas, as individuals are put off consulting a GP over symptoms they would have done prior to (Covid-19) lockdown. On average, one in five people will develop skin cancer at some point in their lifetime, with UV exposure being the biggest cause of this type of cancer.

She makes a good point. The app is even more important, as it typifies growing competition in the range of extra benefits many insurers are now building into their plans. This is particularly useful app, as skin cancers can often appear in inaccessible places such as on your back – so the camera facility on a smartphone can be put to good use and help you decide whether you should brave the facemasks and locked doors now common in GP surgeries.

Like many such benefits, there is no additional charge for the app.

Plus points: App available free to customers; Could be worth over £45 a year; Unlimited testing; 95% accurate; A useful free additional benefit for customers; Could help identify a treatable cancer early.

Not so plus points: Some false results may emerge; Not much else!


Rating (max 10): Overall: 8. Gold

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