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June 2021 UnitedHealthcare: iPMI


UnitedHealthcare Global has launched a range of expat insurance plans into the Netherlands to give local businesses access to internationally recognised health, wellness, assistance and security programmes. The provider has a Central Bank of Ireland license to conduct business across European Economic Area (EEA) countries on a freedom of services basis. The Netherlands was chosen as the next market for European expansion, to support the high number of globally mobile families based in the Netherlands, and will also give the large number of Dutch employees being sent on assignments abroad access to comprehensive health and wellbeing coverage.

BeHealthy expatriate insurance plans in the Netherlands follows the insurer’s entry into the European market in the United Kingdom in 2018.

UnitedHealthcare has partnered with ONVZ, an independent Dutch insurer, to provide locally compliant plans as an integral part of its BeHealthy insurance package.

It has established a local team in the Netherlands and across Europe, dedicated to providing a personalised service to ensure intermediaries, clients and customers have access to the advice and local support they need.

BeHealthy focuses on a whole-person approach to wellbeing, helping to identify health risks before they happen. The plans offer globally mobile employees a personalised digital experience that inspires and motivates healthier habits. This helps them better manage their international assignments by prioritising their mental, emotional and physical health.

Plans include access to a worldwide medical network of more than 1.4m care providers, comprehensive health and wellness benefits, including an employee assistance programme (EAP), the Optum My Wellbeing app, a wellness coaching resource, a health management programme and preventive health screenings. In-house global assistance and security benefits are embedded across all plan levels.

There are a suite of modular products, with each module offering three levels of cover across three different plan types:

• Core Plan (mandatory). This focuses mainly on inpatient benefits and treatment requiring hospitalisation.

• Outpatient Plan (optional). Focuses on outpatient treatment and diagnostic care.

• Dental Plan (optional). Covers dental treatment, dental surgery, periodontics, dental prostheses and orthodontics treatments.

For example, a Core plan offers up to $1.5m under level 1, $3m under level 2 and unlimited cover under level 3. UnitedHealthcare says the usually complex process of deciding what cover to have boils down to four choices:

The level of Core cover and currency.

Whether outpatient cover is required and if so at what level.
Whether a deductible is required for the outpatient benefits.
Whether Dental cover is required and, if so, at what level.

Comment: This suite of plans offers a lot of options and is geared to the needs of the Netherlands market. There is also a focus on a whole-person approach to wellbeing, looking at prevention as well as covering treatment.

We didn’t find the cover options that straightforward to understand, but that can happen if you’re trying to offer maximum flexibility in a complex area, which is what iPMI is.

As with many other iPMI plans, the provider has linked with a local insurer which, in theory at least, best combines the provider’s global presence with the specialist insurer’s local knowledge and service.

Plus points: A range of iPMI options designed to meet the needs of the market in the Netherlands; Whole person wellbeing approach; Follows its earlier successful introduction into the UK; Choice of three cover levels.

Not so plus points: iPMI can be complex, with a wide range of cover levels (three) plus various optional covers.


Rating (max 10): Overall: 8. Gold

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