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December 2019 VitalityLife: Other


Vitality has launched a cancer benefit for some of its customers undergoing active cancer treatment. Cancer Benefit Booster is a short term monthly income which supports additional living expenses incurred during cancer treatment.

It is available to customers who have both a VitalityHealth Private Medical Insurance (PMI) plan and an eligible VitalityLife Serious Illness Cover (SIC) policy, and who are undergoing treatment for cancer and are claiming on either policy.

Claimants receive £570 a month, plus the cost of their monthly PMI and life insurance (max £1K per month) premiums - in other words, a cash benefit plus a waiver of premium benefit. VCBB is payable for a maximum of six months per condition.

The figure of £570 a month is based on research from Macmillan Cancer Support, which showed that more than four in five (83%) people are affected by the financial implications of cancer and, on average, are £570 a month worse off because of a cancer diagnosis. They are worse off due to things such as the need to stop work for a while, and having to cope with additional costs associated with regular trips to medical appointments and higher household bills, such as extra heating costs and needing more help around the home and garden.

The Cancer Benefit Booster was announced as part of the introduction of Vitality Pink – a new initiative that directly rewards and unlocks additional value to members who hold both a VitalityHealth and VitalityLife policy.  Vitality Pink also includes a boosted American Express cashback and ext5ra discount ion Waitrose healthy food.

Comment: It is easy to overlook the extra day to day costs that having a serious condition such as cancer can give rise too – especially as cancer is often now treated at NHS regional specialist oncology centres rather than at the nearest local hospital, which may involve longer journeys.

This is an interesting benefit – not least because to qualify, customers have to have not one but two Vitality products (although they only need to be claiming under one).    

The additional income won’t be the perfect amount for every claimant, but it is large enough to make a difference and is based on good research into what cancer actually costs the average person.

It’s a good benefit and will be valued by all customers who qualify.

Plus points: An additional benefit for SIC and PMI Vitality customers; Good monthly benefit plus waiver of premium; Based on Macmillan’s research; Part of the wider Vitality Pink initiative.

Not so plus points: Members must have both products to qualify; For some, their extra costs may be even greater; Max six months benefit per condition.


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