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January 2020 VitalityLife: Later Life


There are two elements to what Vitality is now offering for those looking for some cover to help with care and care fees when they are older.

First, is a Plus version of the Dementia and Frail Care Cover (DFCC) option, which was launched in 2018. The option gives customers the opportunity to convert their Serious Illness Cover (SIC) plan later to provide a cash lump sum if they need long term care – or rather are diagnosed as having dementia or becoming frail. The original option cuts the sum insured to half but is free to exercise and cover lasts until death.

On the new Plus version of DFCC, the sum insured remains the same, but customers pay a higher premium from the start of their SIC plan. Cover is limited to £200K (it’s £100K on the standard DFCC Option) and customers can also convert 10% of any remaining Life Cover Plus into Funeral Cover.

The second side of the offering is a new partnership with SuperCarers. This gives customers access to CareSolved, which is a care advice and care booking service. Customers also get a 20% discount on the first £1,000 of ongoing care booked through SuperCarers and 20% up to £3K if they have a LaterLife Option selected on their plan.

Comment: Vitality’s original DFCC option was pretty successful, with around two thirds of eligible customers taking up the DFCC option.

The big downside though was the sum insured of the old SIC plan was halved. Now, customers can choose not to have that, albeit by paying a higher premium throughout. That could prove popular too – not least because the UK’s ageing population still has few later life or long term care insurance plans to meet their needs.

But the second element is important too. The partnership with SuperCarers is available to all new and existing VitalityHealth, VitalityLife and VitalityInvest members and their immediate families. It adds both expertise and financial discounts at what is always a difficult time.

The overall later life proposition therefore includes the new SIC plan option  plus the SuperCarers link, providing valuable help and a discount too.

Vitality has a well-earned reputation for innovation but some also argue its solutions can tend towards the over-complex. But, if you like its approach, these two new initiatives both deserve to do well.

Plus points: A new DFCC plus option for the existing SIC plan; Which means a full sum insured; The SuperCarers partnership offers the prospect of help, advice and cost-saving if ever its services are needed.

Not so plus points: Customers must choose upfront whether to have DFCC+ cover; If they do, their premiums will be higher; A lump sum benefit is not ideal to meet a monthly funding problem but is much better than nothing.


Rating (max 10): Overall: 8.5. Gold

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