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Vitality Essentials is a no additional cost product available to Vitality’s Business Healthcare clients who cover a percentage of their employees with full PMI.

Vitality Essentials gives employees access to a range of lifestyle health and primary care benefits. Those benefits include discounts of 40% on Virgin Active and Nuffield Health gym membership plus up to 40% on wearable fitness devices. Employees also have access to virtual GP consultations and the online Vitality Age assessment at no additional charge, and members also get discounted annual Vitality Healthchecks.

Members of Vitality Essentials earn Vitality points in the same way as other members. This includes by getting active and undertaking biometric health screens. The number of Vitality points earned determines their Vitality status: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. Members can also win tickets to premier sporting events, and these opportunities increase according to their Vitality status.

Employers get enhanced whole-of-workforce reporting on their employees’ health through the Vitality Age and Vitality Healthchecks, and they also benefit from employees not needing to take time off work to visit a GP.

Comment: What’s not like about getting a range of free benefits for your employees?

To have Vitality’s new Essentials plan, you have to have a certain percentage of your employees getting full PMI cover but, subject to that, Essentials can be rolled out to other employees – and it adds noting to your costs.   

This is a both a clever and a useful plan. The only downside is if the employer than decides it no longer needs PMI cover for as many employees but, by stipulating a minimum PMI percentage to get these free benefits, Vitality has guarded against that too.

Moreover, the benefits should, over time, result in fitter and healthier employees – at least that’s what Vitality’s research suggests.

Plus points: A free range of benefits for non-PMI covered employees; Should, over time, result in fitter, healthier employees, with knock-on financial benefits to the employer; Employers just need a minimum percentage of employees getting PMI; Did we mention it’s free?

Not so plus points: Not available if too few employees have PMI cover; Free benefits are sometimes not as valued as paid-for benefits; Not every employee will want to engage with Vitality; Not an alternative to full PMI .


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