Zurich Pre-app underwriting tool (Protection Review rating: Platinum, Adviser score 8.6)

March 2021 Zurich: Apps & Technology


Zurich Life has introduced a new pre-app underwriting tool to give advisers greater certainty regarding life underwriting decisions. The new tool:

Is designed to cover 90% of all pre-app enquiries Zurich previously received by phone.

Allows advisers to gain an indicative decision without needing to call a pre-app line, so saving time and speeding up the application process.
Is fully integrated with Zurich’s underwriting rules engine, meaning decisions are accurate and always up-to-date.
Generates decisions on a range of products and benefits, not just the ones selected, so helping to provide more protection options for clients.
Each pre-app case is given a unique reference, so the adviser can later discuss the case with Zurich if needs be.
All cases are automatically saved in one simple dashboard under 'My pre-apps'.
Some questions can be skipped, when a standard assumption is then made if the information isn't available, so removing barriers in the process.

To operate the system an adviser uses Zurich’s Life Protection Platform to:

Enter client information including age and nicotine usage.

Enters a required sum insured for at least one product.
Discloses any additional information on the client, such as lifestyle and medical details.
Reviews the indicative decision on the results page, which is saved and can be revisited and edited if necessary.

Comment: This is a very practical tool and, like many good ideas, actually offers more than one advantage.

First, it gives an indicative underwriting decision based on what the adviser know s about the customer. The more information you have the more accurate that decision is likely to be. Don’t know say the customer’s height and weight?  The system will assume a typical answer and then base its decision on that. Later you meet the customer, adjust the information and the engine will recalculate, you having saved the details earlier.

The second is that if you want a quote for say life insurance, the app will also give an indicative decision for CI and IP cover. That’s really useful – especially if the indication is standard rates when you were expecting a rating or even vice versa.

There’s a useful (and thankfully short) video online explaining how the tool works too. The only thing we couldn’t see, was whether you still need to complete a full application form or whether the app will pre-populate it for you if the client goes ahead.

Even if not, this looks like a useful tool for advisers – almost putting you in the underwriter’s chair when talking to clients.

Plus points: App based underwriting decision tool; Simple; Saveable; Also gives indicative decisions for other protection plans; You don’t need every last piece of information to get an indicative decision.

Not so plus points: Once a full application form has been completed the decision could change; Can the app pre-populate an application form?


Rating (max 10): Overall: 9 Platinum.

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I Mark: No

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