ProtectZ, our conference where every speaker is aged 30 or under, is on 19th June.

Join us from 9:30am to 1pm at UnderwriteMe's office in Tower Bridge House, St. Katharine’s Way, London.


All speakers are under 30, but you don't need to be under 30 to attend. Everyone is welcome.

Here's the full programme.


Keynote Speaker - Clodagh Griffin.

Clodagh will be talking about how to build a Gen Z audience.

Clodagh is a social media expert, presenter, keynote speaker and currently a journalist at The News Movement, 

A major milestone in Clodagh’s career so far is her appearance on BBC Panorama: Is TikTok Safe? She completed an undercover investigation into the safety of TikTok and shared her findings on the show.


Panel 1 - Engagement & Communications

What does the industry need to do to better engage with young people and how can we communicate with them to make our products more desirable?


Panel 2 - Technology

What software and apps can help us give better service to our customers? Can AI genuinely make a difference? What's in development and what do we want and what can we expect to see in future?


Panel 3 - Product & Process

Are we developing the right products for GenZ customers? Are we involving them in developments? Do we need to ask fewer questions during processing now everyone is on a mobile device?


Book your place at ProtectZ

Each company gets one free place at ProtectZ and can send more guests for a small fee. If you'd like to attend please email us: [email protected]

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