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Retirement Review is an expert-led review of the UK's multi-billion pound pensions and retirement industry.

As well as developing in-depth market research and reports, Retirement Review holds industry conferences as well as thought leadership round tables with leading advisers, providers and consultants within the industry.

The goal is to offer new insights, identify issues and opportunities and help to bring together all stakeholders to improve and grow the market for everyone.

Retirement Review is part of the same group as Protection Review, which runs a number of well-established and market leading events in the protection industry.

Research Project in association with iPipeline

Retirement Review has partnered with fintech provider iPipeline to bring debate and discussion to the market on the fundamental opportunities and threats facing UK pensions and retirement. This led us to build new research conducted among 3,000 UK adults in relevant age groups to gauge how well they are posi¬tioned to achieve their retirement goals, what those goals are, with opinions on providers, advisers and indeed awareness of those allowance changes introduced in the last Budget. 

With these answers from savers and investors, which we have analysed in detail in the following report, we consulted with some of the key adviser and provider voices in the pension sector. We have discussed with them the results as well as other relevant topics such as delivering quality advice, contribution levels and whether the host of reforms will actually make a difference to retirees’ bottom line. We have included their expert insights in the report too.

We know that there are challenges within the pensions and wider wealth markets, challenges including a lack of public awareness and planning, constantly changing regulation and political intervention and some challenges in service delivery and with legacy technology. We believe this report will form a strong starting point to outlining a strategic approach to finding solutions and building a better retirement.

Download the report here and do register your interest in being a part of the debate in future. 

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