Tried and tested training by the experts. A well informed, broad ranging and impartial format


We provide tried and tested independent training, delivered by experts, on all matters relating to the world of protection.

The sessions can be tailored and typically cover all aspects of the industry on an interactive basis and includes:

Our aims:

Adviser feedback:

"I found the training excellent, even for an experienced adviser. Valuable for years to come."

- Andrew Kemp APFS CFPCM Certified Financial Planner CM

"Thanks for sharing your pre-research u/w form and for sharing your invaluable experience. There was so much good content, I'm going to need the weekend to go through my notes! I've already created a budget planner that I'm using with clients now."

 - Simon Wong BSc(Hons), MPhil, Dip PFS, Cert CII(MP & ER)

"I attended the course in Leeds and have to say it was well worth the day out of the office. The content was very well produced and delivered and the impartiality means that session was not product or provider bias. No matter what your knowledge of protection is, I would highly recommend the session – great for inexperienced advisers and a really useful refresher for all those experienced advisers."

- Mike Weedon, Life Cover for All, Life Cover

"I found the training to be the best that I have attended and it will result in more business being written at our firm, and almost as importantly, written more efficiently."

- Paul Smith, Chartered Financial Planner, LRH Wealth Management Ltd

"I attended your workshop last Tuesday with one of my paraplanners and found it extremely valuable. I was very impressed with the training would recommend that any adviser or paraplanner who was not a protection specialist should be attending. Clearly the protection market is evolving and having attended myself our other planners will also be attending future dates."

- Adrian Quick, Chartered Financial Planner, HLS Financial Planning

"With the exception of some good provider seminars and marketing material there is precious little protection-focused training available in the industry. Individual provider seminars are very welcome although they tend, naturally, to promote the wares of the host. There is therefore a need for well-informed, broad-ranging independent protection training, hosted by an unbiased source.”

- Peter Chadborn, Plan Money

“The Protection Review seminar was a breath of fresh air for protection training. No sponsor companies doing spots, no weighted presentations due to the venue being provided. The format of asking questions as soon as they occur is very useful and not often offered these days.  The protection Review provides an excellent independent format.”

- Shaun Ginley, Principal, Magic Mortgages

"I attended the Protection Review training as a refresher as I always find it useful to hear what is going on in the market and also what my peers are doing. The training was quite basic to begin with, however it became much more technical and I picked up some very good tips. More importantly it made me focus much more on the importance of protection. I've been to a number of seminars with fund managers talking about investments but surprisingly few with regards to protection. It was also convenient to have experienced specialists on hand to answer any questions without any bias."

- Yvonne Bavin, Independent Financial Adviser


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