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Key dates for 2015:

  • The Syndicate: Mon 9th February

  • Retirement Review: Tuesday 10th February

  • Protection Review: Wednesday 15th July

  • Intermediary Forum: TBC


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Tracey Clarke, Seven Families

1.What was the first album you can remember buying?

It would most likely have been either Donny and Marie Osmond, Showaddywaddy, or Gillan! Oh dear! Do I really want to admit to this?! I must say that my taste has evolved since then! 

2.What is the best thing about living on a narrow boat?

The relaxed pace of life within a very caring and friendly community. Cruising through the system in slow motion enables a far greater ability to absorb the beauty, appreciate the tranquility, and kind of feel the living history. 

3.What is your favourite film or book, and why?

The Bible. It contains a bit of everything; stories, biographies, scandal, poetry, history, teaching, wisdom, guidance, reflection, prediction, and a whole host of other fabulous things. Every opening of the Bible brings a new revelation, a new emphasis, a new contemplation, a new lesson.

4.If you won £1m tomorrow on the lottery what might you do with it?

I actually have no idea how to do the lottery!  The first thing I would feel obliged and pleased to do would be to clear our remaining debts. Next would come a very significant donation to Guide Dogs UK. I would dearly love to be able to say a good 'Thank you' for their fantastic gift of Oakley and all that he does for me and means to me. I rather suspect our daughters would enjoy our sudden ability to indulge them too! I had better stop dream-spending there! 

5.If you could change your career and do anything else instead, what might it be?

I would dearly love to be able to use my relatively new-found enjoyment of writing to enter into the world of regular magazine columns, and, even more appealingly, book-writing.


About Protection Review

Protection Review is the definitive review of the UK's multi-billion pound health and protection insurance industry. Protection Review was established in 2003 by its then co-directors Peter Le Beau and Andy Couchman. In 2010 Kevin Carr joined as chief executive. All three are passionate about health and protection insurance
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Poll Results

Poll Results


In our last poll we asked "How will the results of the Scottish referendum impact on sales of protection products?" The overwhelming majority felt that the result would have little or no impact on protection sales.


Latest Poll

In our latest poll we ask:

"Will later life protection products help to grow the market?"

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Protection Review 2014 was held on Thursday 10 July at The Landmark London.

Protection Review has now been confirmed for 15 July 2015. 

Please contact for further details.

Click here for pictures of the 2014 conference and click here to see the pictures of the dinner and awards.

For queries about this, and other Protection Review events, including training, please email


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