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John Ritchie, Chief Executive, Ellipse


What was the first record you can remember buying?

Anarchy in The UK, single, Sex Pistols 1976. Up to then was listening to my older siblings prog rock, Van Morrison, early Springsteen and Neil Young.   

What is your biggest pet hate about the world of financial services?

Using complexity to baffle the customer.     

What is your favourite film, and why?

Godfather II. Business model similar to life insurance sales in 1980s and lots of mortality-related themes.   

If you won a million pounds tomorrow what might you do with it?

Get my sons established on property ladder - with £100 k each. Not too much, you can spoil them. And travel to the very best golf courses across the globe with the rest.         

If you could change one thing about the protection industry overnight, what would it be?

The one thing I would change is to get more strategy/communications people into leadership roles.   


About Protection Review

Protection Review is the definitive review of the UK's multi-billion pound health and protection insurance industry. Protection Review was established in 2003 by its then co-directors Peter Le Beau and Andy Couchman. In 2010 Kevin Carr joined as chief executive. All three are passionate about health and protection insurance
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Poll Results

Poll Results

JUNE 2015

In our last poll we asked "Are new style D2C players such as Beagle Street and There helping to grow the protection market?". Just under 70% of those who answered felt that the market was growing as a result of these new D2C companies.


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In our latest poll we ask:

"Which of the following options is most likely to encourage growth in the protection market?"

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