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June 2019 Aon: Other


Aon's Well One application is being offered first in parts of Europe and Asia and utilises dacadoo's digital health score platform. Well One offers employees digital one-to-one coaching and the ability to connect virtually with their colleagues to share progress as well as earn recognition to help influence healthy behaviours and increase motivation.

Using artificial intelligence driven digital coaching and education, the app means employees can gain the awareness and understanding they need to better manage their lifestyle and future finances. Employees can then compare their personal health achievements to those across their organisation anonymously. In turn. businesses can benchmark against others in their industry.

Using smart, accessible data analytics distilled through the physical, emotional, social and financial wellbeing of individuals, teams and organisations obtain simple health scores. Aon says studies have shown that healthy, happy and motivated employees deliver higher performance and remain more loyal towards their employers over time.

Comment: The greater use of digitisation has long been seen as the future of healthcare – or at least part of it. Now we are beginning to see practical applications and this app, which is being rolled out globally, includes some very exciting elements.

Above all, such apps must work for the employee and, though it won’t appeal to all, it should appeal to many. Invaluable data accrues to the employer too, who can also benchmark against others in their industry – an almost impossible task before.

Plus points: App to help employees improve their health and health-related decisions; Invaluable data for employers too.

Not so plus points: Really only suitable for larger employers; Not all employees will embrace it.


Rating (max 10): Overall: 8. Gold

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