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August 2019 VitalityHealth: PMI


VitalityHealth has partnered for this service with Doctify, which is the UK’s leading independent online review and booking platform for medical consultants.

The insurer has launched Vitality Specialist Finder powered by Doctify as a website allowing customers to search for a medical consultant by speciality, rating or location. Patients can also book appointments on the site 24/7 and publicly rate and review doctors – a UK first.

The service is being rolled out to customers through VitalityHealth’s musculoskeletal (MSK) team with a view to a full launch with direct member access to clinicians later in 2019. The service includes:

●            A collaboration between one of the UK’s most promising healthtech companies and a prominent insurer in the UK.

●            The first tool to combine direct appointment booking requests, consultant reviews and feedback, plus key consultant information.

●            Instant member access to a list of consultants recognised by VitalityHealth.

●            Promotion of patient choice across a range of members’ hospital lists and across the UK.

Comment: This service enables VitalityHealth customers to choose who performs an operation based on both hard and soft data. They can search by a number of criteria and look at what others say about that consultant too. Once chosen, an appointment can then be booked online. Later they can add their own review.

In short, it adds up to more choice and should be welcomed by advisers and customers alike.

Plus points: A useful way to get hard and soft data on consultants; Searchable by various factors; No cost; Enables online booking too.

Not so plus points: Only rolls out fully later in 2019; Not every client will want this service; All online reviews have limitations.


Rating (max 10): Overall: 8.5. Gold

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