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Integra Global

August 2018 Integra Global : iPMI


Integra Global has introduced further enhancements to its worldwide iPMI plans, including:  The ability to cover pre-existing conditions. Life cover for all customers. A greatly simplified underwriting process for individuals and groups. Integra Global says it can now cover pre-existing conditions for individual customers and any current members will have previously excluded conditions waived from renewal.  In addition, life cover is now included in all individual and family policies, with up to USD$5,000 on yourHealth and yourFamily plans and $10,000 on Premier Health and PremierFamily plans. Life cover is also included as standard on all group plans, with a USD$5,000…
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Allianz Care International Healthcare Plans for Russia

August 2018 Allianz: iPMI


Allianz Care, together with Allianz Russia, has launched a range of international health solutions for the Russian market. Allianz Care (previously Allianz Worldwide Care) is the international health brand of Allianz Partners. The plans offer worldwide cover and include a range of individual plans specifically designed to suit the needs of local and expat individuals and families.  A suite of group plans has also been designed to meet the needs of SMEs and large multinationals. The plans offer: Unrestricted access to leading healthcare facilities in Russia and across the world, with direct settlement for inpatient and outpatient treatment. Concierge service…
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Old Mutual Critical Illness cover

August 2018 Old Mutual: CI


Old Mutual has examined its critical illness plan and introduced more than 80 enhancements, including: Adding five new full payment medical conditions, paying out on: Brain injury due to trauma, anoxia or hypoxia - resulting in permanent symptoms. Heart failure – of specified severity. Interstitial lung disease. Mental illness - of specified severity.* Syringomyelia or syringobulbia requiring surgery. * The mental health criteria are that: The patient was admitted to a psychiatric ward where treatment was provided for at least 14 consecutive nights. There are chronic unremitting symptoms. The condition has not responded to comprehensive management and treatment. This must…
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Legal & General Income Protection Plan

August 2018 Legal & General: IP


Legal & General has introduced a number of changes to its Income Protection Plan, including: Reducing pricing across all occupation classes. For NHS doctors, nurses and surgeons, it has adapted the benefit payments to match the sick pay contracts such NHS workers get in their first five years. IP products generally don’t do this, which can cause problems at claims stage. Adding a new two year benefit term. Introducing a no cost rehabilitation service. This offers those who qualify access to a specialist team of rehabilitation professionals. The service offers a structured return to work programme and avoids the need…
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AIG Life Critical Illness with Term Assurance

July 2018 AIG Life: CI


AIG Life has updated its CI with life cover plan, adding more cover and changing and simplifying conditions too. One significant change is that on additional payment conditions on adult lives, the benefit is now the lower of £35K or 50% of the sum insured. Typically the market figure has been up to £25K. Four new conditions (intensive care with mechanical intubation, severe mental illness, Devic’s disease and surgical removal of an eyeball) have been added, and there are five new additional payment conditions (neuroendocrine tumour, permanent pacemaker insertion, severe sepsis, syringomelia and gastrointestinal stromal tumour (GIST) too. The definition…
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