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AIG Life Critical Illness with Term Assurance

July 2018 AIG Life: CI


AIG Life has updated its CI with life cover plan, adding more cover and changing and simplifying conditions too. One significant change is that on additional payment conditions on adult lives, the benefit is now the lower of £35K or 50% of the sum insured. Typically the market figure has been up to £25K. Four new conditions (intensive care with mechanical intubation, severe mental illness, Devic’s disease and surgical removal of an eyeball) have been added, and there are five new additional payment conditions (neuroendocrine tumour, permanent pacemaker insertion, severe sepsis, syringomelia and gastrointestinal stromal tumour (GIST) too. The definition…
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MAXIS Global Wellness Solution

July 2018 MAXIS: Other


MAXIS Global Benefits Network (MAXIS GBN), set up by MetLife and AXA in 1998, is a leading international employee benefits network. Its new Global Wellness product is a centralised wellness proposition that utilises comprehensive health analytics to help multinational organisations mitigate healthcare costs. The solution is delivered through corporate employee benefits schemes, and allows multinationals to target country-specific cost drivers identified by health data analytics to deliver in-depth, targeted wellness solutions to employees, MAXIS says. The product is underpinned by over four years’ global health data analytics, across 37 countries, and the core services include: Topic specific, educational health and…
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British Friendly Short Term Protect

July 2018 British Friendly Society: IP


We last reviewed this product in 2016 and, since then, British Friendly has introduced a number of Changes and new initiatives. In June 2018, Recovery Support was added. This new benefit pays members a cash lump sum equal to four weeks’ benefit after they have returned to work. In order to qualify, they must have been receiving benefit for at least 26 weeks and to have been back at work for four weeks. There are a choice of three payment terms - 1, 2 or 5 years – and the plan also includes free care assistance benefit, death benefit, second…
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Emerald Life Travel Insurance

July 2018 Emerald Life: Other


Specialist insurance provider Emerald Life focuses on the needs of under-represented and under-insured groups. Its new travel insurance policy has no requirement for customers to answer questions on HIV status, provided they are on stable anti-viral medicine and their viral load is undetectable. Three levels of cover are available: Core. The basic travel insurance product includes cancellation and curtailment up to £3K plus baggage and possessions up to £1.5K. Emergency treatment is covered up to £5m. Premier. This product has higher cover levels and includes cancellation and curtailment up to £5K and baggage and possessions up to £2K. Emergency treatment…
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William Russell International Life Insurance

June 2018 William Russell: Term


William Russell has updated its International Life Insurance policy and now offers life insurance up to $2m (or 20 times annual salary if lower) on an annually renewable basis to age 70. The policy is available in most countries, but not Iran, Syria, South Sudan, North Korea, Libya, Central African Republic or Yemen. The plan pays out on death or on diagnosis of a terminal illness if life expectancy is less than 12 months. Clients can add up to $500K of accidental benefit with a sliding scale applying. For example, the policy pays 100% of the insured benefit on accidental…
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