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Guardian Combined Life and Critical Illness Protection

November 2019 Guardian: CI


Guardian’s new plan is a combined life and critical illness (CI) cover plan designed to make having life and CI cover less expensive. There are also a number of enhancements made to the CI proposition for existing customers, including three new full pay-out conditions and improvements to children's CI cover. The new plan offers a single payout in the event of the customer's death or diagnosis of a critical or terminal illness. For existing customers, three new full payout conditions are added: gastro-intestinal stromal tumour, neuroendocrine tumours and ulcerative colitis. Guardian has also  made improvements to a number of definitions…
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Medicash Corporate Health Plans

November 2019 Medicash: HCP


Medicash has introduced a number of enhancements to its corporate health plans. This follows a survey of 1,000 corporate decision-makers, intermediaries and policyholders which revealed that optical and dental benefits continue to be the main appeal of cash plans. Medicash’s optical and dental benefits have both been increased to £70 on level 1 of the Proactive plan. The level of chiropody benefits has also increased, from £20 to £50 on level 1 plans, without no change to the price. The virtual GP service has also been extended, to include free unlimited virtual GP consultations for all employees on Proactive and…
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Cirencester Friendly Children’s Critical Illness Support

November 2019 Cirencester Friendly: IP


Cirencester Friendly has added children’s critical illness insurance cover to its Income Protection (IP) products for new and existing members. The benefit pays a fixed lump sum of £2,500 if a child under age 21 is diagnosed with one of ten critical illnesses. The ten are serious cancer; open-heart surgery; traumatic brain injury; benign brain tumour; bacterial meningitis; kidney failure; heart valve repair or replacement; loss of hand or foot; major organ transplant, and third degree burns. The child must survive for 14 days after diagnosis and there is no extra premium charged for the benefit. Only one claim per…
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Cignpost Term Life and Cignpost Critical Illness

November 2019 Cignpost: Term


Cignpost is a new provider offering three types of term insurance: Level. Increasing. Cover increases by 3% a year, while premiums rise by 3.75% pa. Decreasing.  Designed to pay off an outstanding mortgage or loan with an interest rate of 8%. Age range is 18 to 54 at entry and the maximum expiry age is 64, with terms available from five years to 40 years. The sum insured is paid on death or diagnosis of a terminal illness during the policy term. Death due to suicide is not covered during the first 12 months of the policy. Customers can also…
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Royal London Income Protection

November 2019 Royal London: IP


Royal London has improved its Income Protection plan to now offer tailored cover for NHS medical professionals and other medical professionals on the same sick pay structure. The insurer says this means it can now: Pay out in line with NHS sick pay arrangements. Offer up to 12 months sabbatical cover for eligible medical professionals, provided they meet the conditions in the Plan Details and continue to pay their premiums. Offer a higher minimum benefit for doctors and surgeons, at £3,000 a month. The changes follow other recent improvements to the Income Protection plan, including: An optional five year payment…
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