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VitalityLife Mortgage Plan

February 2019 VitalityLife: CI


Vitality has launched a new mortgage protection plan that offers simple but comprehensive cover designed specifically to meet the need for mortgage protection. The plan can enables customers to choose one or more of life cover, income protection, serious illness cover for children, waiver of premium and a new Serious Illness Cover Protector, which is specifically designed for mortgage protection. One key feature is there are just five medical questions, and a quick and easy new application process (called Optimiser Underwriting) so customers can be protected in minutes. Serious Illness Cover Protector offers: •             Severity-based cover, with 145 conditions, including…
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AXA Global Healthcare Saudi Arabia

January 2019 AXA Global Healthcare: iPMI


From 1 January 2019, AXA Global Healthcare has launched new international medical insurance plans for both multinational companies with employees on assignment in the region and locally-based businesses. The new proposition meets the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) and Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) regulations. AXA's existing Prestige and Prestige Plus plans have been developed to meet local needs and to be consistent with AXA's other global healthcare offerings in the region, namely in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The plans combine AXA Cooperative Insurance Company's regional presence with AXA - Global Healthcare's international health insurance capabilities. AXA says the…
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Ellipse Group Income Protection

January 2019 Ellipse: GIP


Ellipse has updated its Group Income Protection proposition, Sick Pay, which is now available to firms with as few as two employees and there is no maximum number that can be covered. In addition, Ellipse has added the capability to provide flexible benefits. Other improvements include a lump sum payment option following a limited term, a higher maximum benefit, more options when covering pension scheme contributions and greater flexibility to accommodate different State benefit deductions. The improvements build on the existing GIP proposition, which includes an employee assistance programme, day one early intervention and vocational rehabilitation. Comment: In June, AIG…
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Royal London Critical Illness

January 2019 Royal London: CI


One of the latest big insurers to update its CI plan is Royal London. It has added ten new definitions (three main, six additional and one enhanced child CI), and enhanced eight existing ones (five main and three additional). The focus has been on enhancing the cancer, heart, MS and enhanced child CI definitions.  The three new main definitions are: •             Cauda equine. •             Heart failure. •             Peripheral vascular disease. The five changes to existing main definitions are: •             Cardiomyopathy (a change to title from primary cardiomyopathy and also wording changes). •             Multiple sclerosis. •             Parkinson’s disease. •             Pulmonary artery…
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Vitality Dementia and FrailCare Cover

December 2018 VitalityLife: Later Life


Dementia and FrailCare Cover is a new no initial cost add-on to Vitality’s Serious Illness Cover (SIC). Vitality has launched the variant as it says current solutions to the ageing population are falling short of the growing need for customers to prepare for the costs of living with conditions in later life, particularly with regard to degenerative conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke and general frailty. Dementia and FrailCare Cover is an industry first  and is aimed at helping people prepare financially for becoming frail or getting dementia in later life. Vitality points out that care costs in later…
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