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AIG Life Critical Illness Insurance (Protection Review rating: Platinum, Adviser score 8.8)

November 2020 AIG Life: CI


AIG Life has updated its existing critical illness plans, with two developments in particular being worthy of note. First, it has grouped more than 20 conditions under just four broad headings. These focus on specific surgeries or on the impact on daily life for customers, not on the name of the illness. If the impact is the same, the customer will be covered - whatever the name of the condition. The headings are: Degenerative neurological disorder. Reduced heart function. Surgery to the heart, aorta or pulmonary artery. Surgery via the skull. Individual definitions remain but AIG says this approach is…
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HSBC Critical Illness Insurance (Protection Review rating: Gold, Adviser score 8.0)

November 2020 HSBC: CI


HSBC has made a number of changes to its existing two product critical illness plans - Core Critical Illness and Critical Illness Plus.  The most changes are on the Critical Illness Plus version. The Core plan now has 38 named 100% or full conditions and includes two additional payment conditions - less advanced cancer of the breast or prostate. These pay out the lower of £25K or 25% of the sum insured on diagnosis. Critical Illness Plus has an additional 11 specified 100% conditions and 37 additional payment conditions, which pay the lower of £50K or 50% of the sum…
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Aviva DigiCare+ (Protection Review rating: Gold, Adviser score 8.0)

November 2020 Aviva: Apps & Technology


Aviva DigiCare+ is a health and wellbeing app for both individual and group protection Aviva customers, designed to help them prevent, detect and manage common physical and mental health problems. DigiCare+ is the app for advised individual protection clients and DigiCare+ Workplace the app for employees with group income protection or group critical illness cover. Each app has been developed by Square Health and offers a suite of benefits. These provide a one-stop-shop for services including an annual health check, mental health consultations, nutritional support, digital GP, second medical opinion and gym discounts. For individual customers the app also includes…
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Legal & General Low Start Income Protection (Protection Review rating: Gold, Adviser score 7.0)

November 2020 Legal & General: IP


Legal & General has launched two new income protection (IP) plans, aimed at SMEs and at those looking for a lower cost entry to IP. Both versions of the insurer’s long-established regular income protection (IP) plan include many of the benefits of that plan. The key difference for Low Start Income Protection is that premiums start at a lower premium, which then increases annually, although there is no change to the cover itself during the term. L&G says the plan has been launched to give advisers and customers more choice and also targets those who may not be able to…
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VitalityLife Personal Protection Plan (Protection Review rating: Gold, Adviser score 6.9)

October 2020 VitalityLife: CI


VitalityLife has amalgamated its previous Life, Life Essentials and Mortgage Plans into one product, called the Personal Protection Plan. It is available from 3 October 2020. The new plan can include serious illness cover (SIC), term life, whole of life and income protection covers within the plan. Cover and other changes include: The previous SIC Protector option is now called Mortgage SIC. Child SIC is optional, with conditions mirroring the parents’ plan. Cover can be from £15,000 to £100,000 when the plan is taken out and is available as level or decreasing cover. Cover is on the same basis as…
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