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Unisure Group Life (Protection Review: Silver)

August 2021 Unisure: Group life


Unisure has set up its UK Group Life division and entered the UK protection market with the launch of a group life insurance product, with the group CEO saying there were substantial opportunities for uptake. The company has also joined trade body GRiD (Group Risk Development). The group life plan has a minimum scheme size of three lives and no maximum, and is available through advisers only. The plan went live on 1 June and is underwritten by Allianz. More information is available by requesting a quote online. Unisure says it can also offer keyperson and shareholder protection cover and…
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AIG Life Group Critical Illness (Protection Review: Gold)

August 2021 AIG Life: GCI


AIG Life has unveiled its new group critical illness (CI) insurance proposition, which has consolidated the conditions covered into 27 broader conditions across eight groupings. AIG previously said it had ‘checked out’ of the critical illness conditions race on its individual plans with the introduction of umbrella headings incorporating more than 20 conditions. Now, under the new group CI proposition, there are now eight headings, which focus on specific surgeries or on the impact on daily life for employees, rather than on the name of the illness. The headings are: Degenerative neurological disorder. Reduced heart function. Surgery to the heart,…
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The Exeter Income First (Protection Review: Gold, Adviser score 7.0)

August 2021 The Exeter: IP


The Exeter has launched Income First, a new income protection product combining its existing Income One and Pure Protection products. Income First has been designed to simplify the income protection journey for advisers and customers, offering cover across a wide range of occupations from office-based professionals through to manual workers and skilled trades. In response to feedback from advisers, there is now a level guaranteed premium option across all occupation classes, although age-costed options are still available too. The need for medical evidence at the underwriting stage has been reduced with improved non-medical limits. Now, medical evidence as standard is…
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Legal & General Umbrella Benefits (Protection Review: Gold, Adviser score 7.5)

August 2021 Legal & General: Other


Legal & General (L&G) has launched a package of health and wellbeing benefits available as an optional extra to add to its core protection products. The Umbrella Benefits package can be added to life, critical illness, income protection or rental policies and features a choice of health and wellbeing benefits, including cover for accidental injuries and private medical consultations, plus cover for accidental injuries and private medical consultations. Fracture Cover is an annually renewable contract that encompasses 31 different injuries - 20 different fractures, nine different joint dislocations, Achilles tendon ruptures and knee ligament tears. Multiple claims can be made…
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National Friendly Accident Only Income Protection (Protection Review: Bronze, Adviser score 4.7)

June 2021 National Friendly: IP


National Friendly has launched a budget long term income protection plan that only pays out if the customer is unable to work due to an accident. Key features include: The main benefit can be set between £500 and £6,000 a month, up to a maximum of 70% of earnings. To claim, the customer must be medically certified as unable to carry out the main duties of their occupation. They also need to be receiving medical care during their claim and not be working in any other occupation. Customers must usually be working at least 16 hours a week (but see…
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