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Holloway Friendly one2protect (Protection Review rating: Gold, Adviser score 5.5)

March 2021 Holloway Friendly: IP


Holloway Friendly has launched a new income protection product aimed at low-risk occupations, as part of a strategy to diversify its product portfolio. Actually, it replaces an old product of the same name but think if it as a new BMW 3 series with new engine options. One2protect is aimed at employees in occupational classes 1 and 2, including office workers, estate agents, accountants, solicitors and beauticians, among others, and includes six variants to facilitate tailored solutions for individual client needs. The revised plan offers both ‘Level' and ‘Age Costed' options, and benefit payout periods of one year, two years…
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Royal London Underwrite Later (Protection Review rating: Platinum, Adviser score 8.4)

February 2021 Royal London: Other


Royal London’s new Underwrite Later option allows business protection cases to start straight away, while the insurer then goes about deciding what medical information it needs, gets it and then underwrites fully. The option is available on the insurer’s Business Menu and Relevant Life Plans but only applies to life cover. The insurer estimates it can almost double the number of business applications that can start immediately, from 49% to 93%. For comparison, the figure for personal protection application is that around 80% go straight through. Moreover, there are no automatic exclusions such as pre-existing conditions, travel and hazardous pursuits,…
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Aviva Expert Select (Protection Review rating: Gold, Adviser score 6.8)

February 2021 Aviva: PMI


Available from March 2021 as part of its Healthier Solutions and Solutions cover, Aviva’s Expert Select option is a guided hospital option for individuals and SMEs, following its successful introduction for corporate customers last year. Aviva says it gives access to a nationwide choice of hospitals selected based on its clinical governance framework, alongside external clinical ratings from the Care Quality Commission and Health Improvement Scotland. When claiming by phone, a claim consultant will assess the customer's needs and provide a choice of hospitals and specialists - on average three or four. Information is provided to help the customer decide…
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MetLife MortgageSafe (Protection Review rating: Silver, Adviser score 7.8)

February 2021 MetLife: IP


MetLife has launched a new income protection plan (through a select panel of intermediaries only at this stage) that covers some or all mortgage payments - up to a maximum of £1,500 per month - for up to 12 or 24 months. Premiums are based on age, policy term, smoker status and BMI (body mass index). MortgageSafe is available to new or old homeowners, and offers a choice of three levels of cover: Core. Accident only cover; pays up to 12 months. Essential12. Adds illness cover too; max 12 months’ benefit. Essential24. As Essential12 but maximum 24 month benefit period.…
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April International Care MyHEALTH Hong Kong (Protection Review rating: Gold, Adviser score 8.0)

January 2021 April International: iPMI


April International Care has announced a number of improvements to its MyHEALTH Hong Kong private international health insurance (iPMI) policy range, and in particular to its Elite module. The changes took effect from the start of December 2020. The annual limit for the Elite module for in-hospital care has been increased from US $3.0 million to $4.5 million and a near doubling of check-up and vaccination cover has been added, giving a total benefit for this now of US $2,000, with no change to policy premiums. In addition, new adult and child health benefits have been added, and are now…
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