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Aviva UK Health MyHealthCounts for Business

May 2010


MyHealthCounts for Business is an innovative health risk assessment programme from Aviva UK Health that can provide employers with more than 250 employees with a tangible return within just one year. The product consists of employers purchasing a core package (at very low cost per employee). This includes the MyHealthCounts online health risk assessment (using the Roadtohealth Q scoring system), health reporting and a choice of internal communications materials. Each employee completes an online health and lifestyle questionnaire to discover how healthy they are compared to 100 other people of the same age and gender. This is their Q Score.…
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Multiplex Healthtrust

May 2010 Multiplex Healthtrust Management Services: PMI


Multiplex Healthtrust Management Services is part of Perspective Financial Group, one of the largest advisory groups in the UK and was founded by chief executive Peter Murray in 1988 and is based in Knutsford, Cheshire. Healthtrust is a bespoke corporate healthcare programme offering similar benefits to group private medical insurance (PMI) schemes. However, instead of premiums being paid to an insurance company, the client forms a trust. Money is paid into the trust’s bank account to meet qualifying private medical fees incurred by the scheme’s members. In this way, health trusts avoid insurance premium tax (IPT) as there are no…
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