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Aviva UK Health Company Health Essentials

August 2017 Aviva: PMI

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Aviva has launched Health Essentials for corporate customers (250+ employees), enabling them to offer simple low cost top-up cancer and physiotherapy cover to their employees. Company Health Essentials offers health insurance targeting specific conditions, and is intended to complement care customers receive through NHS health services. The range sits alongside Aviva’s private medical insurance plans, and aims to provide cover for all budgets and across all life stages. Launched to direct customers in early 2016, the two products that are now also available to corporate customers are: Company Cancer Essentials: This provides: Up to £100,000 towards the cost of non-NHS funded…
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Benenden Health Cash Plan for Business

August 2017 Benenden Healthcare Society: HCP


Benenden has developed an interesting approach to company healthcare and has now added a cash plan product tailored towards the employee benefits market. It says this completes its three stage approach to helping employers tackle absenteeism, increase productivity, and improve health and wellbeing in the workplace. Benenden has branded this suite Benenden Healthcare for Business. It is worth looking at how all three now fit together… The first stage, supporting the idea of proactive action before health issues occur, is the existing product called Health Assessments for Business. This is designed to help employees understand their current health and identify…
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APRIL UK Hospital Self-Pay Cash Plan

August 2017 April UK: PMI


APRIL UK has launched  a new plan designed to help consumers to afford private healthcare by offering cash back for self-pay treatment at any UK private hospital. Customers pay for their treatment then get reimbursed up to the benefit limit of their chosen level of cover. The plan offers three levels of cover (called Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3) and the plan’s three key benefits are: Diagnostic cover. This pays up to £750-£1,500 a year (depending on level of cover chosen) for private GP appointments, consultations and tests (that includes PET, MRI and CT scans). Self-Pay Package Cover.…
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SecurityTrust MediVISA

July 2017 Security Trust: Other


SecurityTrust is a new boutique virtual insurer which works closely with certain Lloyds’s underwriters and aims to introduce a range of mass market innovative health and lifestyle products. MediVISA is administered by Dual Corporate Risks Ltd and is described as being a low cost innovative health insurance plan covering cancer, heart diseases, neurological conditions and other illnesses. It offers treatment not available on the NHS or in the UK at international medical facilities which offer pioneering therapies. MediVISA also means customers and their dependents can get access to the latest and most advanced treatments, therapies and procedures available, including stem…
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Canada Life Critical Illness

July 2017 Canada Life: CI


Canada Life came into the individual protection insurance market in August 2015 and has now introduced a number of changes to its individual CI product. The key changes are: A new additional payment condition has been added, which pays the lower of £25K or 25% of the sum insured on diagnosis of carcinoma in situ of the cervix, carcinoma in situ of the oesophagus or ovarian tumours of borderline malignancy. The definitions for deafness, heart attack and Parkinson plus syndromes have been improved. For children’s cover, the maximum benefit is now the lower of £25K and 50% of the adult…
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