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Canada Life Critical Illness

July 2017 Canada Life: CI


Canada Life came into the individual protection insurance market in August 2015 and has now introduced a number of changes to its individual CI product. The key changes are: A new additional payment condition has been added, which pays the lower of £25K or 25% of the sum insured on diagnosis of carcinoma in situ of the cervix, carcinoma in situ of the oesophagus or ovarian tumours of borderline malignancy. The definitions for deafness, heart attack and Parkinson plus syndromes have been improved. For children’s cover, the maximum benefit is now the lower of £25K and 50% of the adult…
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National Friendly Assisted Living Insurance

July 2017 National Friendly: Later Life


National Friendly says its new Assisted Living Insurance is the industry’s first product specifically aimed at supporting older people to extend independent living in their own home in later life. It does so on effectively a whole of life basis. Customers can choose one of two initial levels of maximum cover - £20,000 or £30,000 - which increases each year, to help offset inflation. The policy provides funding for assisted living, and includes the following benefits: Assisted Living Allowance. This provides professional care services (nursing, domiciliary or therapy) delivered in the customer’s own home. The benefit pays up to £1,000…
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The Health Insurance Group ViaNabo

June 2017 The Health Insurance Group: Other


The Health Insurance Group (THIG) has introduced what it says is the industry’s most competitively priced employee benefits portal, ViaNabo™. ViaNabo™ has been designed to assist SMEs with 20 to 500 staff in managing their employee benefits and promoting health and wellbeing. The system consists of four modules, enabling companies to mix and match according to their business needs and budget. The primary employee benefits and engagement module, ViaNabo™ Core, costs £6 a year per user. The cost for all four modules, which include HR tools, employee assistance programme, manager support and employee discounts is £26 per employee per year.…
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Now Health International WorldCare

June 2017 Now Health International: iPMI


Now Health International’s WorldCare plan has been updated following what the company says was its most comprehensive review since 2011. The key product changes fall into three areas and include: 1) A simple annual deductible A new annual deductible structure replaces the previous per medical condition excess. This approach aligns with industry best practice, and aims to make plans even easier for members to understand and to enable cost conscious customers to better tailor cover to their budget. 2) Increased benefit limits Various core benefits have been enhanced, including diagnostic procedures, renal treatment, chronic conditions and routine maternity. Diagnostic procedures:…
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Royal London Personal and Business Menu Plans

May 2017 Royal London: Menu


Royal London – a pioneer of the menu proposition – has introduced a raft of updates to its existing Personal and Business Menu plan propositions. The main changes are: Being able to choose different start dates for each cover. For example, an adviser could start a client’s family cover immediately and their mortgage protection only once the mortgage has completed. Allowing a different owner for each cover within a multi-benefit application. Starting accepted covers immediately while the underwriting of other covers is still progressing. Sending advisers dashboard reminders to enter start dates online with no need to call the insurer.…
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