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White Paper: Protection Review’s first Summit recommends 5 actions for critical illness cover growth

07/11/16 Category: Latest News

We've launched a White Paper describing 5 steps the industry should take to grow the critical illness market. Written after the recent Protection Review Summit in London on 13 October, the White Paper summarises the debate and sets out the recommendations from the discussions.The first Protection Review Summit delivered 2 hours of positive straight talking about the future of critical illness cover. It wasn’t a talking shop as events like this can be. It was an action-oriented event where everyone was constructive, added value and focussed on customer outcomes. The 5 steps we’ve included in the White Paper could lead critical illness cover…
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Building Resilient Households Report

31/10/16 Latest News

Please see attached a press release issued on behalf of the Income Protection Task Force, which gives details about the CII “Building Resilient Households” report, which launches on the 31/10.  An embargoed copy of the report is also attached – the report will be live on the CII site from 9 a.m. on Monday (link at the bottom of the press release). This report makes the case for tackling the issue of financial resilience among British households and calls for a taskforce to be established, involving the Government, which will bring change to means-testing rules and help to create a…
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5QI: Warren Copp, Pacific Life Re

20/10/16 5QI

Interviewee's Headshot

What was the first record you can remember buying? I Don’t like Mondays: Boomtown Rats What is your biggest pet hate about the world of financial services? Scripted phone calls. If you employ people to represent you then at least let them be themselves. What is your favourite film, and why? (Or book, if you prefer) The Great Escape. I wanted to be Steve McQueen. (Still do). What is currently the biggest issue facing reinsurers in the UK market? Commoditisation of reinsurance purchasing. If you could change one thing overnight about the protection industry, what would it be? Make buying…
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Your invitation to join The Syndicate

29/09/16 Latest News

How would you like to become a member of The Syndicate?  The Syndicate was established six years ago and is run by Protection Review with the aim of being a research community exploring consumer sentiment towards protection products.  Over the past six years we’ve identified concepts such as “casino mentality” and “imaginary cover” and highlighted the importance of certainty and trust to consumers.  The six years of research has allowed us to accumulate a substantial amount of tracking data on trends in the protection industry but each year we also aim to highlight new trends and areas of interest to…
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Poll: Changing approach to CI

28/09/16 Polls

Current poll In our latest poll we ask “Does our approach to critical illness cover need to fundamentally change if are to get back to growth?”  Click here to vote and take part. Poll results In our last poll we asked “Will simple CI plans like AIG Key3 help to grow the protection market?”  Only 21% of respondents said no with 57% of people saying that simple CI plans would help grow the market.
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