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04/08/17 Category: 5QI

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1. What was the first record/CD/download you can remember buying?

Spice by the Spice Girls (from my local Sainsburys)

2. What is your biggest pet hate about the world of financial services?

The attitude that young customers aren’t viable and not worth treating in a compassionate way. I was once told by a bank that designing helpful services for us “wasn’t profitable” and that we should design the kind of industry we want to see. Which we are now doing – and hopefully we’ll paint that particular bank out of the picture.

3. What is your favourite film, and why?

American Werewolf in London. It has everything – horror, comedy, romance, special effects, a fab soundtrack. I saw it when I was 21 on a tiny TV in a grotty flat in Glasgow but even then it blew me away.

4. If you could pick any job in the world to do, what would you choose?

Musician - I am classically trained and write songs/occasionally play with a band.

5. If you could change one thing overnight about the protection industry, what would it be?

That buying, and getting ongoing benefits, from protection was possible through open banking on third party apps. I think that’s the only way we’ll get millennials & gen Z to easily access these products in future.

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