October 2022

5QI, Amy Jenney, Cura Financial Services

by ProtectionReview 27/10/22 Category: 5QI

  What is your biggest pet hate about the world of financial services? My biggest pet hate is the amount of time spent chasing medical reports from doctors surgeries. Hopefully a more streamlined process will be adopted amongst all insurers in the future. Another pet hate is declines, ideally insurer's offering cover with a higher rating/increased premium would be better received rather than an outright decline. What is your favourite film/book, and why? I enjoy reading and have lots of favourite books. One that I have read a number of times is Lord of the Flies . I enjoy the moral concept…
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New Events for 2023 - ProtectZ and Young Achiever Academy

by Protection Review 18/10/22 Latest News

ProtectZ is a half-day industry conference aimed at those under 30 All speakers, including the chair, will be under 30. We will still welcome people over 30 so that decision-makers can hear what is being said, but the deal is they must bring someone under 30 with them. This unique event aims to showcase and nurture young talent in the protection industry. Get in touch if you are interested in partnering with us on ProtectZ. Linked to the Young Achiever Award, this is an academy for those shortlisted each year. The only way to join is to be shortlisted for…
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Awards Shortlists 2022

by Protection Review 11/10/22 Latest News

Judging for the Protection Review Awards took place on 5th October 2022. In a marathon 7hr session, there was much debate and a few heated moments. But we have our winners and can't wait to present the awards on 1st December. Thanks again to our guest judges, Katie Crook-Davies, Zanele Sibanda, Adam Higgs, Setul Mehta, Monica Garcia, Stephanie Charman and Maria Hearne. We received more entries than ever before (some categories had over 15 submissions) and as a result, we took the decision to limit each shortlist to a maximum of 6.   Innovation Award            Aviva…
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