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A secret Lemonade thinker by Zurich’s Peter Hamilton

by Peter Hamilton 10/01/17 Category: Blog

Disruption is a hot topic in most industries these days and there’s no shortage of people queuing up to explain that insurance companies and advisers are on their way out. Many will assume that technology will be the cause of the disruption, whether through ‘blockchain’, big data, wearable technology or alternative developments. Sooner or later, one of the big tech companies will enter our market we’re told, market dominance assured. Google, Facebook, Amazon and others clearly have the data, customer centricity and distribution know-how to make a dent in pretty much any market. That said, I’m not convinced they’ll have…
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Half the world away by Peter Hamilton of Zurich

by Peter Hamilton 01/12/15 Blog

The current John Lewis Christmas ad shows a lonely old man in the moon, coming out of his shed, wandering up a hill and sitting on a bench.  It’s generated some interesting reactions. Some are intrigued to know what crime he could have committed that would have caused him to be exiled alone and so far away.  There’s  a tearful ending,  as he receives a present via balloons sent from a young girl who’s seen him from Earth and is worried about the fact that he’s on his own. It’s got people talking about a new singer and an old…
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Would I lie to you? asks Zurich’s Peter Hamilton

by Peter Hamilton 17/06/15 Blog

Earlier this year I came across a TED recommended reading list - 17 ‘must read’ books about lying, and I’ve now read them all. Actually the first bit is true, but not the second, but who knew there are 17 ‘must read’ books on lying, as well as all the others? There is a suggestion that lying to ourselves and to others is an intrinsic part of our make up. I reflected on this when hearing the news that John Darwin, the canoeist who faked his own death to allow his wife to claim the life insurance payout, is about…
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The Gene Genie by Peter Hamilton of Zurich

by Peter Hamilton 31/03/15 Blog

The gene genie is well and truly out of the bottle, and there’s no putting it back. From a medical perspective, our greater understanding of genetics brings huge opportunities for more targeted and positive interventions and therapies. For absolute beginners, Mark Henderson’s book 50 genetics ideas you really need to know is one book that gives an interesting and accessible introduction to genetics more broadly. There are insurance implications though, and I’m less convinced it’s necessarily all good news. There have recent been headlines about mail order genetic tests being a ‘game changer’ and linked to  that, suggestions that insurers…
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Privates on parade by Peter Hamilton of Zurich

by Peter Hamilton 17/12/14 Blog

There has been an unusual play showing recently at the Donmar theatre in London, unusual not least because you are actively encouraged to keep your phone on. The play, Privacy, is part drama, part teach in, on the amount of data on ourselves we freely make available, knowingly or otherwise. Big screens behind the cast flash up details gathered from the phones of those in the audience - the theatregoers are told where they have been for coffee recently, what countries they have called and more. As the theatre website says, 'Privacy explores how governments and corporations collect and use…
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