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by PR 01/08/20 Category: Comment,Category: Latest News

As of August 2020, we have introduced a new ‘adviser’ based rating to sit along side our product review scores. The score represents the average score from our independent panel of expert life, protection and health advisers for each product. The adviser panel includes the following firms: Advo Group, AJG, Assured Futures, BDHL, Cavendish Ware, Cura, Drewberry Insurance, Future Proof Insurance, Healthwise Group, Highclere Financial, Lifepoint Healthcare, LifeSearch, London & Country, Plus Financial, Regency Health, TFA Group, Vita
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We need to talk about… advertising

by Protection Review 25/03/19 Comment

The latest in our regular series looking at hot topics. Deliberately provocative, we're trying to start a debate. This time, we need to talk about... advertising. A couple of recent newspaper articles condemning protection providers for being harsh on claimants, raise the issue of promotion once again. Reacting to the negative articles, spokespeople are quick to point out we pay 97% of claims, and that the “nasty” media should write some positive stories for once. But it’s not the role of the media to do our marketing for us. Even if we paid out 99.99% of claims, someone would still…
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We need to talk about… claims stats

by Protection Review 12/02/19 Comment

The third in our regular series looking at hot topics. Deliberately provocative, we're trying to start a debate. January and February, the start of a new year, and the time most protection providers share some great news with the rest of the industry. Everyone rushes to publish their claims statistics. Holloway Friendly led the charge this time, getting their numbers out into the trades within the first few days of 2019. And most of the statistics make for positive reading. Life, critical illness and income protection claims paid well into the 90 percents. It’s great news and something the industry…
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We need to talk about… disruption

by Protection Review 13/01/19 Comment

The second in our regular series looking at hot topics. We're trying to start a debate so it might be a little provocative. Is a tech giant or a global brand about to bulldoze its way into UK protection and disrupt the market from under our feet? We’ve all had the conversation. It’s a frequent topic of discussion, especially over a few beers when the protection great and good come together after an event. “I’m surprised no one has done it yet,” someone will say. “The UK protection market is ripe for disruption. When will we see the Uber or…
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We need to talk about… critical Illness updates

by Protection Review 19/12/18 Comment

In this new regular series we look at hot topics and try and start a debate. And it might be a little provocative. In the first of a new series of short comment pieces from the Protection Review team, we ask how often should critical illness policies be updated? We’ve noticed some companies updating their critical illness policies two, maybe three times, a year. They add extra conditions, partial payments and definition improvements. We never criticise product improvements. After all, adding a wider range of cover and improving definitions can only be good for customers. But we know these developments…
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