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by Neil Sharp 19/11/15

One of the joys of working as a consultant is that you get to see the market through a “wide-angled” lens. In my case I have also had the privilege of working for many years with clients in different countries. One of my current clients is a global company with a presence in many markets, including a number of African countries. Last week I visited Nigeria for the first time. Wow, what a place! Home to 170 million people, 75% of which are under 30, this is a vibrant place and complex environment. It is also an interesting place to…
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Neil Sharp asks “Why don’t I buy Income Protection?”

by Neil Sharp 07/06/11

Not a typical question for a (relatively) sane person to ask themselves on a Monday morning, but one which I was genuinely pondering this morning? Yes, I should get out more. The context? My wife and I are seeing our IFA on Friday and I know he will mention it (again). I need to have my lines rehearsed so as to tell him “no” politely, without offending him but equally, to ensure I don’t get caught unawares and actually sign on the dotted line! Poor chap. I should be a prime target for IP. My employment status, lifestyle, liabilities and…
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“Failure is not an Option…”

by Neil Sharp 26/10/10 Comment

Neil Sharp, Managing Director of Insight Now considers reasons to be optimistic “Failure is not an Option…” Flight Controller Gene Krantz from the 1995 film Apollo 13. I attended The Network meeting last week for the first time in a while. For readers who are unfamiliar with this event, this is a group who meet regularly to think and talk about the future of the financial services industry. It is hosted and chaired by Peter LeBeau and, as ever, proved fun, useful and stimulating. Amongst the speakers was Rebecca Driver, Chief Economist at the ABI. She did a great job…
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Want to Know what customers really think about your Service? Ask a Twit.

by Neil Sharp 15/07/10 Comment

Neil Sharp, Director at Insight Now, discusses the use of new technologies in providing feedback to improve the customer experience Is someone who uses Twitter called a Twit, or a Tweeter… or both? I realised halfway through a meeting with a client this week that I didn’t know the answer to this all important question. My client heads up a large part of a highly regulated business that turns over billions each year and the press hound them relentlessly.  My team and I are helping them to change the company culture to truly put the customer at the centre of…
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