Phil Veale

Phil Veale of Chiltern Consulting looks at “Simple Financial Products”

by Phil Veale 09/02/11 Category: Comment

No doubt you’ve seen the Treasury consultation paper on Simple financial products; the responses need to be in by 25th March by the way. If you’ve not, you’ll find it at: The words “simple products” are ones we hear on a regular basis. There’s been very little very little progress over the years, but now Government have given the subject some exposure. They are suggesting the lead products should be Savings and Protection. My view is that Deposit Savings products will be difficult to promote in current economic climate. Plus, without Protection, all other products are likely to fail…
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Phil Veale of Chiltern Consulting asks “What’s it all about?”

by Phil Veale 07/09/10 Comment

Whichever way you look at it, people will only buy what they think they want, and at what they perceive to be a reasonable price. Plus from a source that they believe offers value for money, which includes after sales service. Sounds like the process of purchasing household goods, or perhaps a car. Sky packages tend to be on consumers radar, too. What’s this got to do with Protection? Quite a lot, I’d suggest, as it highlights a few customer traits: What do I want? Where does it fit with all my other priorities? What if I need to contact…
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