Marilyn Cole

The possible up-side of the European Distance Marketing Directive

by Marilyn Cole 18/01/11 Category: Comment

Marilyn Cole from Space 01 considers the possible up-side of the European Distance Marketing Directive As the protection industry comes to terms with disclosing the total premium over the life of a contract, or at least ten years’ worth of it, is there any way to turn it into a marketing advantage? I accept that most industry professionals may not be in the mood to hear this. They will see this regulation as yet another headache created by people divorced from the reality of advising the public in 2011 and that is a reasonable enough point of view. Most regard…
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Marilyn Cole, Managing Partner at Space01 ponders an often missed opportunity for providers

by Marilyn Cole 25/08/10 Comment

Marketing and communications strategies have expanded with technology. Where once there was a letter or a brochure, we now have websites doing many of the things letters and brochures once did and, of course, offering downloads of letters and brochures too. Now increasingly you have much more interaction, particularly with video and webcasts on these websites. Yet in many ways, we still view this pretty much as doing the same things just in a more sophisticated and slightly more efficient way. Yet in the business to business world that is to miss a massive opportunity to use an overlooked resource.…
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