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by Phillip Cooke 01/02/11 Category: Comment

Phillip Cooke, Managing Director of DArcy Inspired Ltd considers how “AN INSIDE JOB HELPS CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” When Jan Carllson was plucked from middle marketing management by the directors of Scandinavian Airlines  in late mid 1970s and told, “turn this airline around”, it was a decision which have wide ranging and long lasting influence in the business community at large. Carllson was a visionary, one who had read, digested and innately understood what Theodore Levitt was saying in his seminal Harvard paper, Marketing Myopia; he knew that Levitt was going to the core of successful business when he posited that what…
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by Phillip Cooke 26/10/10 Comment

Phillip Cooke shares his experiences of dealing with insurance companies in our latest blog. From a customer’s point of view – yes, policyholders’ real nomenclature is customers – there are two elements of the contract they commit to when teaming up with an insurance company. It has long been my view that insurance companies understand and like to hide behind the contractual element, the letter of the law if you will. My latest personal experience of this occurred just three weeks ago, and a pretty annoying, worrying and perplexing situation it was too! This blogger is one of those often…
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Philip Cooke considers ways to approach change in the Protection market.

by Phillip Cooke 17/08/10 Comment

It was fascinating, as an industry outsider, to sit through the excellent sessions of the July’s Protection ReviewConference.  Some of the data was, from a business and customer perspective, startling: 49% of adults in the UK have no life protection; research shows that the consumer thinks that life assurance is more than twice as expensive as it actually is; countries as diverse as China and Brazil are accessing entry level customers that the insurance industry in Britain simply ignores.  For a marketing and customer relations specialist this was almost too much to bear. But then I reflected on the sentiments…
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Consultant Phillip Cooke reminds us just how important it is to look after the basics…

by Phillip Cooke 20/05/10 Comment

In wondering what to write for my first Protection Review blog, I was reminded of an inspirational story I read a few years ago. Here it is. On a stormy night many years ago an elderly man and his wife entered the lobby of a small hotel in Philadelphia. “All the big hotels are full up”, said the man, “could you possibly give us a room here?” The reception clerk explained that there were three conventions in town, and that was why there were no rooms to be had anywhere. After a moment’s silence he added, “All our rooms are…
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