Protection Review Awards 2020 – HOW TO ENTER

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To enter this year’s awards please submit your entries in Word format via email to Jo Miller [email protected] before the deadline closes on 17th April at 6pm. All entries should be no longer than 500 words and must include a sourced testimonial from a third party – such as a customer or adviser. When putting together your entry please use the format of ‘Two stars and a wish’ – Two things you or your company has done well over the last year plus one thing you would like to do or improve either within your organisation or across the industry.…
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Previous Protection Review Award Winners

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2019 AWARD WINNERS Innovation Award in association with Gen Re Winner: Guardian Highly Commended: VitalityLife Doing it Better Award in association with Health Shield Winner: The Exeter Highly Commended: AIG Life, Zurich Unsung Hero Award in association with LifeSearch Winner: James Dungworth, British Friendly Highly Commended: Ellie Marsh, AIG Life  Individual Protection Adviser of the Year in association with Guardian Winner: Alan Knowles, Cura Life & Health Claims Award in association with Health Claims Forum Winner: British Friendly Highly Commended: Scottish Widows, Aviva Protection Intermediary of the Year in association with VitalityLife Winner: Future Proof Highly Commended: Cura, Drewberry Best…
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2018 Conference Slides

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Slides from the 2018 Protection Review conference can be viewed by following the links below: Keynote Address: Pete Matthew, Meaningful Money, click here Session 1: Helen White, CII click here and see also for the report that Helen referred to. James Daley, Fairer Finance, click here Hema Tank, The London Institute of Banking & Finance, click here Session 2: Luke Ashworth, ProtectionGeek, click here Session 3: Phillip Bray, Yardstick Agency, click here Paul Yates and Steph Hydon, iPipeline, click here   If you were one of the many dinner guests who enjoyed Rhys Williams' pre dinner speech, you can see the…
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2017 Conference slides

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Slides from the 2017 Protection Review conference can be viewed by following the links below: Opening Address, James Tait, Pacific Life Re COMING SOON! Keynote address: ‘I know my rights! But do you? Understanding Disability, Equality and Diversity’  Sammy Kornhauser, Disability Rights UK Click here Session One: Digital, Engagement and Empathy  Speaker 1: Alasdair McGill, Ashton McGill Click here Speaker 2: Jackie Leiper, Scottish Widows Slides not available. Speaker 3: Rhys Williams, Quietroom Click here Session 2: Hot Topics Topic 1:  Topic 1: Why are the 2018 Data Protection changes important to my business?  Steven Rhodes, Lawyer and Legal Consultant Click here …
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Slides from the Protection Review Conference 2016

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Slides from the 2016 Protection Review conference can be viewed by following the links below: Opening address from Darren Spriggs, Pacific Life Re, Click here Keynote from Tim Nutman, Thunderhead, Click here Session 1 Slides Session 1 - Kevin Carr, Protection Review Click here Session 1 - Teresa Fritz, Financial Services Consumer Panel,Click here Session 1 -  Andy Philo, VitalityLife, Click here Session 1 - Esther Dijkstra, Scottish Widows, Click here Session 2 Slides Session 2: Andy Couchman, Protection Review Click here Session 2: Debbie Kleiner-Gaines, PES Consulting, Click here Session 2: Jennie Doyle, Health Shield, Click here Session 2:…
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