Iona Bain shares her thoughts on LifeSearch’s Health, Wealth and Happiness report.

by ProtectionReview 07/12/18 Category: Blog,Category: Comment,Category: Latest News

How much pay would you give up to achieve a more balanced life? That’s the question that LifeSearch recently put to around 2000 adults – and the answer was highly revealing. Most of us would be theoretically happy to sacrifice some of our pay if it made us happier, and around half of us would happily give up a 5 – 10 per cent chunk of our salary. That’s equivalent to £2000 if you consider the average UK salary of £25,417. So what’s going on? Do we hate our jobs and want to spend less time doing them? Or do…
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Thunderhead: Policies Vs. Customers: Tackling the customer engagement gap in protection insurance

by ProtectionReview 08/07/16 Blog As Euro ’16 plays out (that’s a soccer competition for those over The Pond) in France, The Protection Review Syndicate have published their annual research report on Insurance*. This article commentates on the research, about how the insurance industry is scoring too many own-goals and their fan base is unhappy. It’s a game of two halves so in the next blog we give some recommendations for how the insurance industry can improve their score and go on to become champions. Pre-Match Team Talk The insurance sector is highly regulated, has the challenge of additional market forces such as insurance…
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The Syndicate research: Protection still viewed as expensive luxury

by ProtectionReview 17/06/16 Blog

The Syndicate has released its 2016 research report.  The press release can be seen below and you can download the research synopsis here   PROTECTION STILL VIEWED AS EXPENSIVE LUXURY  A quarter don’t want to pay for protection when it might not be needed Lack of contact allows cover to be forgotten about Comparison sites most popular research tool, but more buy from insurers, banks and advisers The majority would not trust robo-advice Opportunity with younger generation who want more engagement   A report released today (16 June) from The Syndicate, a research arm of Protection Review, shows that a…
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UK households in danger of financial struggle due to lack of preparation for the unexpected

by ProtectionReview 25/05/16 Blog

• One in five (21%) of households unable to survive financially if they unexpectedly lost their income due to long-term illness • Despite concerns, Brits are more likely to prioritise paying for internet connection and mobile phones than life or critical illness cover • More than a third (36%) would resort to raiding their savings if they were unable to work Despite one in five (21%) people admitting their household would not be financially secure for any length of time if it lost its main income through unexpected circumstances, many Brits continue to bury their head in the sand when it comes…
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Thunderhead: Effortless Engagement: Happier Customers = Brand Success. Easy-peasy.

by ProtectionReview 14/04/16 Blog

Enjoy the first of our syndicated blogs from Thunderhead on Effortless Engagement: Marketing plans today more often than not include objectives for better customer engagement. Everyone’s beginning to wake up to the fact it’s the way to build happier customers. And we all know happier customers will spend more for longer and become advocates for your brand. Recent research shows however that for most of you improving customer engagement feels like it’s a huge effort. The good news is it doesn’t have to be; effortless engagement is possible for marketers today. Marketers can engage with their customers more easily, in…
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