Roy McLoughlin

Lies, damned lies and statistics…by Roy McLoughlin

by Roy McLoughlin 16/10/15

Mark Twain, although a forward thinker, was never in possession of a protection crystal ball but I'd like to think his soothsayer abilities were evident in relation to our beloved subject. In fact he tried to attest that Disraeli uttered these words but there is no evidence of this, so let’s stick with Mr Twain. The analogy I'd like to draw is hopefully obvious but, for advisers, over the years a degree of cynicism has always been at work on life offices’ sometimes revolutionary claims on statistical analysis. The exception to this rule is actually the one which most of…
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Roy McLoughlin ponders the relationship between pensions and protection

by Roy McLoughlin 10/03/15

It has long been the tradition in our industry to compartmentalise issues, a trait that is largely the result of journalistic approach rather than any other specific reason.. The latest example is clearly 'Freedom' in a pensions related arena where my vivid imagination has Mel Gibson metaphorically holding up his Drawdown Claymore above his head.  I'm sure my learned 80's colleague Mr Chadborn has a similar picture with George Michael but let's not go there now! Pensions Freedom is about a message  that determines that  people can determine their  own retirement strategy alongside the 'self - sufficiency ' culture that…
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Roy McLoughlin has a warning ahead of G-Day

by Roy McLoughlin 25/10/12

When the D Day landings were being plotted I imagine the planning that was required had to be down to intricate detail, and it was clearly vital that all the various parts of the armed forces and different national military personnel liaised and pulled together in the same direction.   If only the same could be said for G Day!   Now, before anyone says it, I'm clearly not comparing anybody to the Nazis! The fact is though that once again our industry isn't exactly pulling in the same direction. Advisers realise that insurers have to compete with each other, but what…
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