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The Top 5 Claims Challenges for Life, Accident and Health Insurers, by Graham Newman

by Graham Newman 09/05/16 Category: Blog

The challenges facing claims operations in disability and life are tougher now than ever. Advances in technology have expanded the potential of customer interactions and changing consumer behaviours have resulted in a huge rise in the expectations customers, whether insureds, employers, beneficiaries, have of the service they will receive from their insurers. Put these against a backdrop of increasing financial demands and more regulation than ever and we can see that claims departments have to work hard just to stay in the game. It’s not all about overcoming difficulties though; those same developments in technology and the willingness of consumers…
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The Threat of Change

by Graham Newman 19/03/16 Blog

Change is a banana Well, a banana skin; change is a banana skin. According to a PwC survey of risks facing the insurance industry, dealing with change is an increasing risk that the unwary insurer can slip on all too easily. The survey asked insurers around the world to rank 25 major risks to the industry, and dealing with change is rising up the ranks of perception as insurers feel that the rate of change is increasing and demanding more and more of current business models. Overall it jumped from 15th to 6thplace and comes in at number seven in…
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