July 2013

Peter Hamilton, Head of Retail Proposition at Zurich has “Still got the blues”

by Peter Hamilton 24/07/13

Still got the blues Congratulations to the Protection Review, celebrating a 10 year anniversary at its conference in July. In years past, we’d wait to see a review written up in the trade press. The headline in the 2004 Cover Magazine write up was ‘Report shows problem areas in sector’, and in 2007 it was ‘Review reveals there is still long way to go’. These days of course, there’s no need to wait; the headlines and the comments are being written and tweeted before the speaker has sat down. While the speed of delivery has accelerated, the messages themselves still…
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Neil Sharp considers the Next Best Action?


Next Best Protection? I have been working in Ireland for the past few weeks. I have not worked there since the late 90’s and a lot has happened since I was last there. The net result of those “happenings” will take time to sort out. However a couple of points struck me this week: • Some economies are in a far worse state than ours; • The Irish are a very resilient bunch; • Guinness is definitely still nicer when served within spitting distance of the Liffey (I don’t care what anyone says, it is). As we have seen in…
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Karen Gamble of Health Claims Bureau is looking for some tax relief…..


Well, here we go again, beat up the sick for getting sick, hit on the disabled – how dare they.  But, and here is an interesting thing, if an employer puts his hand in his pocket to pay privately for treatment for his employee then that employee will pay tax on the whole amount. Isn’t this crazy! So as an employer I can be paying a salary to an employee whilst they are waiting to be treated by the NHS.  The only ways around this are for an employer to put in a full medical insurance scheme or for the…
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