January 2014

Stephen Walker looks overseas for inspiration on how to cater for consumer and intermediary needs


I recently attended the AIMIP (Association of International Medical Insurance Providers) Conference in London aboard HMS Belfast, which was sporting some big guns from the iPMI industry, (as well as its own ‘hardware’). It was a very good day, with gifted speakers who gave excellent and informative presentations. During the final ‘any questions’ session I asked if there was anything the domestic PMI market could learn from the international market – which prompted the immediate response: “There most certainly is - how long have you got?!!” The suggestions put forward included: • A level playing field for both direct and…
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Peter Barnett predicts a change on the horizon


Swallows and Amazons - or is it the Amazons doing the swallowing? Not long ago I woke to find myself in Post-RDR Land where the mists had cleared to leave a landscape where the good folk of PRL were left waiting for ever on platforms for trains to Good Financial Outcomes. The problem was most people didn’t know financially where they wanted to go, all the helpful travel advice staff had disappeared off somewhere and the train destination boards would only work if you put money in a slot beforehand. So my new friend Alf Verage, while he felt he…
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