May 2014

Lucian Camp urges us to SHOW SOME EMOTION

by ProtectionReview 22/05/14

OK, it’s hardly likely that a B2B blog like this is going to be drenched in emotion of any kind – joy, anger, misery, fear.  (Well, perhaps a trace of fear as the deadline looms ever larger.) But as far as I can see, flicking back over a couple of dozen contributions, I don’t think it shows any real trace of emotion at all – and, more importantly, the same can be said of a very great deal of our marketing and communications activity.  And in an area where consumers’ thoughts and feelings are so saturated with the stuff, that…
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Michael Kelly from FINEOS urges us to “Mind the Gap”

by ProtectionReview 15/05/14

Mind the Gap We’ve heard the warning before, indeed, those of us who travel by public transport, and I’m thinking specifically about the London Tube, hear it most days. And we usually do, mind it that is, step carefully and avoid breaking our legs down between the platform and the train’s threshold.  But what about the ’protection gap’? We’ve heard this warning plenty of times as well, but it is still the case that the UK is woefully underinsured in the area of income protection, as we step blithely and heedlessly over that particular metaphorical gap. There have been recent…
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Alan Newman:Notes from a talk by Daniel Kahneman-Insurance:A System 2 Industry in a System 1 World

by ProtectionReview 14/05/14

London 18 March 2014 More than two thousand people recently packed out Methodist Central Hall in London to hear a talk by Daniel Kahneman, Nobel prize winner and father of behavioural economics.  I was fortunate enough to be one of them.  These are my notes. Kahneman began by stating that writing his book, Thinking, Fast and Slow, had not been an enjoyable experience.  He did not expect to sell many copies.  He has been surprised by its success.  In the UK more than one million copies have been sold.  (In France, on the other hand, sales are nearer six thousand…
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