July 2014

Privates on parade by Peter Hamilton, Zurich

by ProtectionReview 08/07/14

There has been an unusual play showing recently at the Donmar theatre in London, unusual not least because you are actively encouraged to keep your phone on. The play, Privacy, is part drama, part teach in, on the amount of data on ourselves we freely make available, knowingly or otherwise. Big screens behind the cast flash up details gathered from the phones of those in the audience - the theatregoers are told where they have been for coffee recently, what countries they have called and more. As the theatre website says, 'Privacy explores how governments and corporations collect and use…
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Simple products or simplified process? asks Chris Samuel of TCP LifeSystems

by ProtectionReview 07/07/14

This is an ongoing debate, and it isn’t as black and white as some may portray. But that’s how as an industry we’re trying to approach it – Direct-to-consumer is cut back cover, inferior definitions and cheap, versus the gold plated benefit and feature rich cover that can ‘only’  be sold with advice.  Richard Verdin was quoted in the Financial Adviser (29/05/14) saying  ‘Direct-to-Consumer products need to be off the shelf and complement advisors offerings’ …. ‘Insurers need to stop modifying existing advisor sold products and start selling products that complement advisor offerings, like an off the rack M&S suit …
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