January 2015


by ProtectionReview 28/01/15

They say that you can divide the whole consumer economy up into something over 100 separate sectors, from Alcoholic Beverages through to Yellow Fats (no Z).  And when you do, and you examine them all, you’ll find that there isn’t a single one in which the cheapest brand is the market leader. Yes, certainly, in every sector you’ll find some consumers who take pleasure, or something, in buying the cheapest.  But I myself am not one of them, and I daresay you’re not either.  If I suggested we meet for lunch in the cheapest restaurant in town, and came to…
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Paul Jenkins of the European Scanning Centre discusses standard health checks

by ProtectionReview 23/01/15

Paul Jenkins, Medical Director of the European Scanning Centre, one of the UK’S leading diagnostic imaging centres, based in Harley Street, explains why standard health checks can give insurance clients a false sense of security. We set up the European Scanning Centre 12 years ago because it was clear that the technology was becoming available to give us an extremely accurate insight into our current and future health. When most people say they have been for a check-up and given a clean bill of health, they are usually referring to a basic GP assessment that looks at blood pressure and…
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