March 2015

The Gene Genie by Peter Hamilton of Zurich

by Peter Hamilton 31/03/15 Category: Blog

The gene genie is well and truly out of the bottle, and there’s no putting it back. From a medical perspective, our greater understanding of genetics brings huge opportunities for more targeted and positive interventions and therapies. For absolute beginners, Mark Henderson’s book 50 genetics ideas you really need to know is one book that gives an interesting and accessible introduction to genetics more broadly. There are insurance implications though, and I’m less convinced it’s necessarily all good news. There have recent been headlines about mail order genetic tests being a ‘game changer’ and linked to  that, suggestions that insurers…
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Roy McLoughlin ponders the relationship between pensions and protection

by Roy McLoughlin 10/03/15

It has long been the tradition in our industry to compartmentalise issues, a trait that is largely the result of journalistic approach rather than any other specific reason.. The latest example is clearly 'Freedom' in a pensions related arena where my vivid imagination has Mel Gibson metaphorically holding up his Drawdown Claymore above his head.  I'm sure my learned 80's colleague Mr Chadborn has a similar picture with George Michael but let's not go there now! Pensions Freedom is about a message  that determines that  people can determine their  own retirement strategy alongside the 'self - sufficiency ' culture that…
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A MIND THAT IS SET ISN’T A GOOD MINDSET according to Alan Newman

by ProtectionReview 04/03/15

I have on the desk in front of me a book published in 1962:  Anatomy of Britain by Anthony Sampson and an ABI publication from 2014: Identifying the Challenges of a Changing World. Most of this article focuses on the lessons that we might choose to learn from the ABI document, but it was a lucky accident that the Anthony Sampson book was next to it and that is where we start. Sampson was a senior journalist for the Observer. In his introduction he writes: “I first became interested in writing a book about the workings of Britain when I…
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