May 2015

Consolidation and the illusion of choice by Karen Gamble of Health Claims Bureau

by ProtectionReview 20/05/15

Is consolidation good for consumers? This is a question that has been asked many times but always, it seems, big is better. Innocent Drinks, Ben & Jerry’s, Body Shop and Green & Black’s chocolate have all been taken into the larger corporate fold. Did the consumer benefit? Did the money behind these brands allow for innovation, wider distribution and better value for the consumer? In the last month approval has been given for Aviva’s merger with Friends’ Life, AXA PPP has announced the acquisition of Simplyhealth’s medical insurance business and Now Health has bought Best Doctors. Prior to this latest…
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BUSINESS IS BUSINESS (And Digital is Different and Disruptive) says Alan Newman

by ProtectionReview 15/05/15

Last year I saw the best opening to a presentation that I have ever seen.  Before the first PowerPoint slide was projected on to the screen, a senior director of a mobile telephone company stood up in front of the audience and held up his mobile phone.  “Let me illustrate why meta data matters.  This phone sends out a signal every minute or two saying where it is.  Where the phone has been is where I have been.  I have asked tech colleagues back at my office to condense 1 year in the life of this phone into 2 minutes.…
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