June 2015

Would I lie to you? asks Zurich’s Peter Hamilton

by Peter Hamilton 17/06/15 Category: Blog

Earlier this year I came across a TED recommended reading list - 17 ‘must read’ books about lying, and I’ve now read them all. Actually the first bit is true, but not the second, but who knew there are 17 ‘must read’ books on lying, as well as all the others? There is a suggestion that lying to ourselves and to others is an intrinsic part of our make up. I reflected on this when hearing the news that John Darwin, the canoeist who faked his own death to allow his wife to claim the life insurance payout, is about…
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Why so many NTUs after a counter offer? asks Peter Chadborn, Director and Adviser at Plan Money

by ProtectionReview 02/06/15

A question arose recently as part of a co-presentation I was delivering at The Health & Care Conference  and it related to the high number of applications not taken up when a counter-offer is made to a protection application. It is a question on which my views have been sought by various industry folk over the years, being a practitioner who deals with the application process from initial client engagement through to policy set up. The question takes various forms but basically boils down to ‘why do such a high proportion of counter-offer cases get NTU?’. To understand the possible…
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