October 2015

Lies, damned lies and statistics…by Roy McLoughlin

by Roy McLoughlin 16/10/15

Mark Twain, although a forward thinker, was never in possession of a protection crystal ball but I'd like to think his soothsayer abilities were evident in relation to our beloved subject. In fact he tried to attest that Disraeli uttered these words but there is no evidence of this, so let’s stick with Mr Twain. The analogy I'd like to draw is hopefully obvious but, for advisers, over the years a degree of cynicism has always been at work on life offices’ sometimes revolutionary claims on statistical analysis. The exception to this rule is actually the one which most of…
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Peter Barnett considers a way forward for the industry

by ProtectionReview 13/10/15

The main proposal in the Government’s pensions reform consultation document Strengthening the Incentive to Save: a consultation on pensions tax relief, which closed on 30 September, was to remove the entirety of the tax reliefs on contributions and instead apply them to pension withdrawals, making pensions more like ISAs. However, most commentators don’t think this exercise is about getting the public to save more for retirement, but rather to save money for the Exchequer. The Treasury already has its sights on higher-rate relief on pension contributions and few expect the benefit to last beyond the present tax year. However the…
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Is Wilful Blindness Holding Us Back ? asks Alan Newman

by ProtectionReview 09/10/15

Wilful Blindness is a legal term that describes a situation in which a person seeks to avoid civil or criminal liability for a wrongful act by intentionally keeping himself or herself unaware of facts that would render him or her liable. Ignorance is not a defence. In everyday usage it has come to mean any situation in which people intentionally divert their attention away from a problem that is an inconvenient truth. A good advocate could probably make a persuasive case that the directors of insurance companies are suffering from wilful blindness.  But insurers are not alone.   Let’s take a…
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Lucian Camp offers congratulations to the protection industry at last

by ProtectionReview 07/10/15

WELL DONE PETER Along with watching his beloved Arsenal, there are few things that Peter Le Beau enjoys more than designing, hosting and chairing events. (I was going to say ‘organising’, but that would have done a grave injustice to Jo, Frances and anyone else who actually does all the work). I first met Peter at one of his events , the Cafe Society Dining Club, which he used to run back in his Swiss Re days. Since then, I doubt if six months have ever gone by without my attending one of Peter’s events – almost all of them…
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