December 2015

Karen Gamble urges the industry to value what we do…

by ProtectionReview 15/12/15

I went to a conference this week where the theme was the benefits of early intervention and pro-active claims management. Several of the speakers identified what is called the ‘protection gap’, the number of people that have no life or sickness insurance or who are relying on the cover their employers provide. This was a truly inspirational conference where all of the speakers cared passionately about the good our industry can do. Data was produced to evidence the value of early intervention, and case studies were shown which pointed out not just the financial necessity of sickness cover, but also…
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Half the world away by Peter Hamilton of Zurich

by Peter Hamilton 01/12/15 Blog

The current John Lewis Christmas ad shows a lonely old man in the moon, coming out of his shed, wandering up a hill and sitting on a bench.  It’s generated some interesting reactions. Some are intrigued to know what crime he could have committed that would have caused him to be exiled alone and so far away.  There’s  a tearful ending,  as he receives a present via balloons sent from a young girl who’s seen him from Earth and is worried about the fact that he’s on his own. It’s got people talking about a new singer and an old…
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