June 2016

Commission options

by ProtectionReview 23/06/16 Category: Polls

Current poll In our latest poll we ask “Does the protection industry need to rethink the commission options currently available to distributors?”  Click here to vote and take part. Poll results In our last poll we asked "Do we need to reconsider how the protection industry integrates with the mortgage market?"  Just 2% of people felt that everything was working well with 61% of people feeling that the relationshp was broken. ShareThis Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Email - See more at:
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5QI: Iain Anderson, Executive Chairman, Cicero Group

by ProtectionReview 22/06/16 5QI

1. What was the first record you can remember buying? Madonna’s True Blue [it is also a clue to my politics] 2. What is your biggest pet hate about the world of financial services? All the me-too-ism. Genuine innovation can be hard to find but things are better since the crisis. 3. What is your favourite film, and why? All the President’s Men – it inspired me to become a journalist, go into politics and found my business. 4. What is the most frustrating thing about being an Arsenal fan? The post Christmas goal rush………….not!!!!! 5. If you could change…
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The Syndicate research: Protection still viewed as expensive luxury

by ProtectionReview 17/06/16 Blog

The Syndicate has released its 2016 research report.  The press release can be seen below and you can download the research synopsis here   PROTECTION STILL VIEWED AS EXPENSIVE LUXURY  A quarter don’t want to pay for protection when it might not be needed Lack of contact allows cover to be forgotten about Comparison sites most popular research tool, but more buy from insurers, banks and advisers The majority would not trust robo-advice Opportunity with younger generation who want more engagement   A report released today (16 June) from The Syndicate, a research arm of Protection Review, shows that a…
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