August 2016

Poll: Simple CI

by ProtectionReview 11/08/16 Category: Polls

Current poll In our latest poll we ask “Will simple CI plans like AIG Key3 help to grow the protection market?”  Click here to vote and take part. Poll results In our last poll we asked “Does the protection industry need to rethink the commission options currently available to distributors?”  The results were unequivocal with 100% of respondents agreeing that a change was needed.  
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5QI Luke Ashworth:Squared Health

by ProtectionReview 10/08/16 5QI

1. What was the first record you can remember buying? Kylie Minogue – The Locomotion. Please never ask me that again. 2. What is your biggest pet hate about the world of financial services? Most people working in it are kept so far from the coal-face; they seem to have very little idea of what customers actually want. 3. What is your favourite film, and why? (Or book, if you prefer) The Pursuit of Happyness. An inspirational tale of determination in the face of adversity. 4. In no more than five words, what do you want to achieve with Squared…
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